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Welcome to the Online Store That Aims to Make A Difference

Daniela Rambaldini Article by: Daniela Rambaldini
Date: Aug 08, 2013 · Posted in: Ethical Consumerism, Philanthropy
Welcome to the Online Store That Aims to Make A Difference

It’s clear you care about your health and the world around you because you have chosen to be your online source for all things healthy. In the same way you may be a leader amongst your family, friends, and community by encouraging them to be mindful of their personal health, educating them about social and environmental issues, and fostering compassion for the plight of other creatures, likewise stands out among other online stores because we care just as much as you do and we’re doing something about it!


To help make a difference in the world, Vitarock starts with you and this is why we’re here to give you personal attention! Our in house MD and Medical Herbalist are available by phone and email to answer your questions and help you lead a well rounded healthy lifestyle that minimizes your impact on the environment. We’ll recommend suitable supplements and herbs, give you nutritional advice, and help empower you to reach your health goals.


We’ll also help you keep your personal environment clean—ask us if you need help choosing clean alternatives to body care products, common household items, and cleaners. We want to support your initiatives to create an amazingly healthy body and mind, a clean Earth, and an expanding community of people who care about the world and each other.


The concept for creating Vitarock was first conceived by our founder 15 years ago. She was certainly ahead of her time! Even before e-commerce was commonplace, she envisioned creating a thriving business that upholds and promotes philanthropic values. She understood that as a successful entrepreneur, she had the agency and influence to share resources charitably and to raise awareness about important social and environmental injustices.


Her dedication to helping improve the living experience of those around her motivated her to launch an e-store that sells everyday essentials that don’t harm human health or pollute the environment, are made with ingredients that aren’t tested on animals, contain as many fair trade ingredients as possible, and don’t contain ingredients that are known to be genetically modified. Each product sold through has been curated to ensure it is pure, green, safe, and fair.


When you’re shopping at, you're doing more than simply buying items online. You’re contributing to the global community in more ways than one: you’re making ethical consumer choices, you’re helping give to people who are less affluent and who face many challenges in life, and you’re part of an online community of consumers who are like-minded—we respect the Earth and the living beings with whom we share it, we recognize and appreciate the fortunes we are all so lucky to have access to, and we want to pay our bounty forward.


We believe that managing our lives and our business doesn’t have to come at a great cost to others. Our words are not merely tokens—we are determined to do our best and give the most we can. The legacy of is shared by our founder, our team, and all our patrons—that means you! As a collective of people who care, we can all help to set an example of how to live healthily, sustainably, and compassionately.


Meet the team to learn more about our personal journeys and visions.