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Why We Do What We Do—We Won the Life Lottery!

Daniela Rambaldini Article by: Daniela Rambaldini
Date: Aug 08, 2013 · Posted in: Ethical Consumerism, Philanthropy
Why We Do What We Do—We Won the Life Lottery!
The name Vitarock is a portmanteau and our company name reflects the source of our  founder’s inspiration. “Vita” originates from vitae, the Latin word for life. Combined with the essence of the phrase, “Strong as a rock,” vitarock means “strength for life.” 
With this adage in mind, our founder recognized that although many people may have the “strength for life”, they may not necessarily have the opportunities and resources to flourish and celebrate life. On the other hand, she realized that she had won the life lottery! 
Our founder and the Vitarock team appreciate that we are part of the elite few in this world who enjoy good health, political and economic security and stability, free access to vital resources and luxuries, and sundry personal freedoms that other global inhabitants couldn’t even imagine. In comparison to most people across the globe, we all live like royalty—never lacking for any essentials.
And when you’re fortunate enough to win the life lottery, what would you do? Share the abundance, of course! This is the tenet and mission of the Vitarock team. is the online resource that helped actualize our founder’s philanthropic vision. This website is more than an e-store. It’s a means for us to share information, cultivate inspiration, and support charitable organizations. 
We’re very excited about creating an online community of people who want to help improve the lives and homes of people, plants, and animals that none of us may ever have the chance to otherwise meet and help. After all, every decision we make affects the world around us whether we realize it or not. Make sure your ripple effect creates waves that benefit the world today and for future generations.