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A Better Sex Life and a Healthier Libido

Dr. Karol M.D Article by: Dr. Karol M.D
A Better Sex Life and a Healthier Libido

A Better Sex Life and a Healthier Libido

The month of February has one of the most wonderful days of the year and that day is Valentines Day. This is a time for couples to emphasize their love, take each other out for nice treats and show appreciation for one another. It is a time to celebrate the love and emotions that go along with being in a healthy relationship. Because sex can often have such an intimate relationship with love, perhaps the month of February can also be a time to discuss the many ways to increase and/or maintain a healthy and satisfying sex life. That is why I have chosen this topic along with heart health as themes for the month of February, which is also heart health awareness month.


As far as details go you can follow my blogs during this month and find out many interesting things on the topic. Here, however, I wanted to give you a general outline.


So what does it take to have a satisfying sex life? Generally speaking there are three main components. The first one is the emotional side. Not everyone needs this to have satisfying sex but there are certainly many people who have more satisfying sex when they are emotionally attached to their partner. This is something each one of us must work on by ourselves. It requires searching for love or nurturing the love you do have.


Another factor is the attraction we feel to the other person. We all have our preferences and finding someone that fulfills those preferences certainly helps when it comes to sex! But this doesn’t just depend on how we view the other person, it also depends on how we feel about ourselves and how healthy we feel inside. If we are not healthy for one reason or another, we are usually not very interested in the attractiveness of other people.


The third and final point, which I will discuss mostly during this month, is what is happening within us from a physiological point of view and what we can do to improve this in order to have more healthy and satisfying sexual experiences.


So how does it all work? For both females and males (and for those of us who are somewhere in between!), it works in a very similar fashion. The two main areas of the body involved in our sex drive (i.e. libido) and sex in general are the genital areas and the brain. The genital areas need three main components to work satisfactorily—proper lubrication, blood circulation, and nerve connection between the brain and genital areas. Vitarock is happy to provide you with a great lubrication product.


For today’s blog, let’s focus on blood circulation. For proper blood circulation, two things need to happen. First is that the blood vessels to the genital areas must be widely opened (so in other words, not clogged up with junk from fast food!). They must also be elastic enough to dilate with blood during a sexual experience, and not hardened by conditions like hypertension. Second, there has to be proper production of a substance called Nitric Oxide. While this substance is involved in dilating blood vessels in general, the main areas it works on are the genital areas and the heart. In fact, Nitric Oxide produces similar effects to drugs like Viagra and Cialis. This is a topic for future blogs, but for now, let’s just say that Nitric Oxide may provide an avenue for treating erectile dysfunction naturally, without having to rely on prescription medications. A great product with a Nitric Oxide precursor L-arginine is Kyolic which also supplies you with aged garlic extract for stronger immunity 


Sex, however, isn’t all about the genital areas! Our brain also has an enormous impact on our sex life. The area of the brain responsible for libido is called the nucleus accumbens, which is part of the limbic system. This area is also the center for hunger and aggression, and houses the neurons responsible for emotions (This is why sex is sometimes intensified by “rough” behavior).  This sexual part of our brain receives input from our senses. That is, it gets stimulated by whatever it is we are seeing, smelling, feeling, and hearing in that moment. How sensitive our brain is to such stimulation depends on our sex hormones and stress. Both in males and females, the main sex hormones are the androgens (testosterone in males and DHEA in females). Testosterone in males is produced in the testes and DHEA in females is produced in the adrenals. Vitarock is happy to provide you with Rhodiola which is great for adrenal support as well as Zinc which supports proper testosterone production 


Women also have another important sex hormone that acts on the brain, and that is estrogen. As sex hormones make our brains more sensitive to stimulation, as well as increase our sex drive and sexual interest, increasing their levels in our bodies and keeping our testes and adrenals healthy are crucial for maintaining healthy, satisfying sex lives. Stay tuned for this month’s blogs as I discuss the many natural ways to do this!


Stress also affects how sensitive our brain is to stimulation. The more our body is stressed, the lesser is our sex drive. This stress can be of any type—both psychological and physiological. While this may seem like a negative thing, it is actually an evolutionary adaptation. When the body is stressed (for example, due to too much cold, heat, stress at work, or because of the flu), the body and mind switch to concerning themselves with preservation, healing and adaptation, as opposed to reproduction. On the other hand, when everything is great and the body and mind feel at ease, this is when the mind thinks, “Hey! This would be a good time to have a baby!”, and an increase in sex drive ensues. To put it into perspective, it’s not a good time to have a baby when there is no heat in the house or when we just lost our job. The mind knows this and it adapts accordingly. The reason why I make the connection between sex and babies is that although humans sometimes have sex for pleasure only (only dolphins share this trait with us by the way), it is our reproductive purpose that drives our sexual desire at an unconscious level. For a great and natural stress reducing product check out this fantastic herbal tea.


For women who are in the reproductive years, their sex drive is also regulated by the menstrual cycle and ovulation. This is primarily controlled by hormones which are under the influence of body weight and nutrition, general health, physical exertion and stress of any type.


As you can see, there is a lot to think of when it comes to sex, libido, and maintaining sexual health. Certainly enough to keep us occupied throughout the month. My knowledge on the topic will be based on my scientific and medical background, my psychological knowledge, my experience and knowledge in the natural health product industry (including knowledge on herbs), as well as some of my own emotional experiences throughout my life. I hope that I will keep your interest and that you can use the knowledge I share to improve your sex life or sustain an already satisfying one.