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Amber: A Buyer’s Guide

Date: Oct 10, 2014 · Posted in: Personal Care, Amber, Pain Relief, Beauty
Amber: A Buyer’s Guide

Attracted to the elegant look of amber, or its therapeutic and energetic properties? In the market for a beautiful gift of jewellery? Whatever your needs, we’ve made your amber buying experience easier with this quick guide.

Amber’s Origins

Most amber on the market is the often imitated, impossible to duplicate Baltic amber, which washes up on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Amber is actually the sap from coniferous trees that transforms over millions of years. This process is what makes true amber so spectacular.


Colours of Amber

Baltic amber has a wide range of colours: milky white, honey, cognac, browns, greens and reds. When held to up the sun, these shades combine to mimic the sun’s light and rays. The physical and energetic aspects of amber are impacted by the shades and combinations of colours.


Choose your Style

For everyday convenience and comfort, choose smaller pieces of amber. Larger pieces of amber are also great for everyday use as a beautiful, bold accessory for any outfit — for a fabulous look and feel. Many Vivo Valeo bracelets have elastic strands, so you can easily take them on and off.


Harnessing the Energy and Therapy of Amber

Do you feel discomfort, blocked or in need of clarity in some area of your body?  These are the places you should wear amber. Wear a bracelet on your arthritic wrist, or a longer necklace over a broken heart. 


True Amber

There are many imitations on the market. Vivo Valeo has done hands-on research and carefully selected all of their amber. To learn more about how to test for true amber, click here.

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