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Getting Back Into the Drill

Dr. Karol M.D Article by: Dr. Karol M.D
Date: Oct 15, 2013 · Posted in: Lifestyle, Detox
Getting Back Into the Drill

Hello my dear listeners and readers. Today is Tuesday after the long thanksgiving weekend and I hope you have all enjoyed your wonderful time with family and friends around thanksgiving dinner. Since we are all back at work or back to our daily routines I would like to talk about how to quickly get back in shape after the long weekend, especially after the enormous calorie intake in the form of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and usually to some degree alcohol consumption.


The key to such regeneration is hydration. Drink lots of water, and by lots I mean more than 3 liters. Alcohol works as a diuretic meaning it stimulates our kidney to excrete water. Our bodies are made out of approximately 75% water and all the components of our cells actually swim in a fluid very closely resembling ocean water with high levels of electrolytes such as sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Alcohol also “pulls” water out of our cells. When this happens the cell shrinks and its outer fatty membrane becomes deformed. This affects the proper function of many cell receptors and channels which are located in the cell membrane and which are vital to the proper functioning of any cell. When this occurs the cells do not work properly and this effects such organs like the brain (making us feel down), our muscles (making us feel less energetic), and our liver and kidneys (which slows down the process of neutralizing alcohol and other toxins and their elimination from the body). By hydrating our bodies with plenty of water and electrolytes we are rehydrating our cells and also helping the kidneys excrete toxins along with acetaldehyde, one of the toxic by-products of alcohol metabolism.


Another good way to rid ourselves of toxins is to take a hot bath. A lot of toxins in our body are not only excreted by the kidneys but also are excreted with sweat and brought to the surface of our skin. By taking a hot bath we bring more of these toxins to the surface by sweating and also washing away these toxins with the warm water.  A hot bath is also very relaxing and helps us to get that good night sleep after an active weekend. 


To rejuvenate our bodies I also recommend antioxidants; these can be in form of foods like berries, especially blue and black berries, pomegranate juices without sugar, or in the form of supplements like bilberry and cranberry extracts as well as resveratrol. You can find these products on the Vitarock website.


What I also do to get back into the drill is exercise. I usually start with an aerobic workout in the morning on a tread mill to get my body into motion. Alternating incline walking with shorts bursts of running is my favorite routine. I also like to lift some weights for muscle strength but this is not as important as aerobic exercises, especially for cardiovascular health. Exercising also burns calories, something that is very useful after that long weekend of turkey with potatoes and gravy.


Finally when we get back to work on Tuesday morning we may still feel some lack of energy. I don’t recommend coffee because coffee is actually not healthy to our liver and kidneys. Standard energy drinks usually have artificial flavours and coloring which is also not good. So if you need that extra burst of energy I recommend a nutritious breakfast and then perhaps an energy drink that is free from artificial flavors and preservatives and which is composed of natural herbs. One such natural and clean product is Land Art Energetic which you can find on our website.