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Balancing Act: What Your Immune System Really Needs!

Date: Jul 07, 2015 · Posted in: Immunity, Vegan, Children's Health, Women's Health
Balancing Act: What Your Immune System Really Needs!

I’m going to start a bit off topic, but it’ll lead to the main message of this article! A well-studied product, Moducare, is the care your immune system may just well need. I live in Toronto, where throughout the year, the weather drastically changes. Case in point: you might need a very warm coat in the morning and be changing into a summer dress by the time your lunch hour comes around! This drastic variation in weather and temperature can be a great stress to our bodies. Studies certainly tell us this, but so can our general observation. With such drastic changes, we notice that this leads to waves/peaks of the common cold and flu in individuals. As a mother of a toddler, this seems to be rather accurate in the preschool setting. Consequently, our immune systems are affected on a daily basis, partially from environmental stresses (such as ever-changing weather!) and from other (life or diet) stresses on our bodies. I’d like to stay as healthy as possible for my own sake and for my family’s sake and in doing so, have done some research: Moducare is a product line that has had extensive research done and it’s a rather interesting story.


Moducare was initially studied for its treatment of benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) back in the 1970s in Germany. As another phase of research, it was then marketed for rheumatoid arthritis. Researchers in Capetown, South Africa went on to investigate its other key feature: an immune-modulating effect (as in modulating or modifying the immune system). Without getting too technical, here are some basics on this product and its feature ingredients.

What is Moducare?


 It is a patented blend of naturally occurring compounds in plants called: sterols and sterolins (as a side note: sterols from plants are called ‘phytosterols’ or ‘plant sterols’ which you may have heard about for their beneficial effects in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels). It contains a 100:1 ratio of sterols to sterolins extracted from Maritime Pine (Latin name: Pinus pinaster).  Sterolins are compounds related to sterols as they are a glucose molecule attached to the sterol; but sterolins are usually destroyed through processing methods. Moducare is carefully formulated to additionally contain sterolins along with the sterols.



What does Moducare do?


Moducare supports a healthy immune system balance as indicated in well designed clinical studies in humans. It is different from immune “boosting” ingredients such as Echinacea because instead of boosting the immune system, Moducare acts to normalize and regulate the immune system. It does this by either “upregulating” the immune response or “downregulating” an overactive immune response. In more scientific terms, Moducare has been shown clinically to restore weakened or reduced T cell activity. Biology basics: T-cells are a type of white blood cell that circulate in the body and are essential to immunity.


Why take this? 


Moducare’s safety has been tested extensively in humans. Secondly, its efficacy has been well-studied and has been shown to help maintain good health and fight cold and flu infections effectively. It's naturally derived and its active constituents are known. And finally, it has a long list of notable consumer-friendly features: it contains no artificial coloring, preservatives, or sweeteners. It is Vegetarian, Soy/Wheat/Lactose/Gluten/Dairy/Shellfish/Nut free, uses recyclable packaging and is a Canadian Company!


So the next time the weather changes drastically or you feel daily stresses of life may take a toll on your immune system, you might want to give your body a modulating chance with Moducare, an innovative product that has done its due-diligence with extensive research.