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Battle the winter blues

Caleigh Rykiss Article by: Caleigh Rykiss
Date: Jan 23, 2015 · Posted in: Mental Health, Stress Relief
Battle the winter blues

It’s January, and that means the Christmas tree has now taken up permanent residence in the dumpster, the excitement surrounding new presents has come and gone, and the only “holiday” to look forward to is Valentines Day and, well, we all know that one doesn’t really count. The only things that remain now are the few extra pounds gained from all those festive parties, the dreaded December credit card bill and the fleeting resolution to eat less and spend less. Simply put, the month of January sucks. And, it’s not just a matter of opinion; many studies have been done to prove the fact that this is in fact the most depressing time of the year.

It’s true, upwards of 25 percent of Canadians suffer from some form of seasonal affective disorder (aptly abbreviated: SAD) ranging from mild to severe in nature. SAD is a form of depression brought on by the colder months in response to many factors including fewer daylight hours. Symptoms include: fatigue, withdrawal, irritability, weight gain, lack of interest in people or involvement in normal daily activities. Sound familiar? Thought so. If you’re one of those people lacking that extra pep in your step, if you’d rather stay home with Netflix than be near real people, if you’re feeling less motivated than usual and just can’t curb those doughnut cravings, you’re not alone. But there’s hope for us all! A lot can be done to pick up the slack when SAD is dropping the proverbial ball. Here are a few natural ways you can say goodbye to the winter blues.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also known as the “sunshine vitamin.” ‘Nuff said, right?! It is often used as substitute for sunlight and has a multitude of health benefits. It’s been shown to improve serotonin levels, boost the immune system as well as lower insulin levels and reduce risk of cancer. If that’s not enough, vitamin D has also has been shown to help with weight loss! Is there anything “D” CAN’T do?!


Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Not all fat is bad! Studies have shown that omega fatty acids play a huge role in improving mood disorders. Not only that but some fish oils have even helped improve the efficacy of anti-depressants and symptoms of bi-polar personality disorder. And, much like vitamin D, Omega 3’s aren’t just a one trick pony. Au contraire - they’re also an effective tool when it comes to helping with symptoms of arthritis and inflammation, protecting against dementia and reducing side effects of ADHD. Renew Life offers an incredible product called Super Critical Omega EFA, that includes both the essential Omega 3’s and vitamin D. So long, SAD!

Watch Vitarock's recent webinar on omegas and fatty acids with Dr. Karol here. (42 minutes)


B Complex Vitamins

B complex vitamins are a major player when it comes to combating the winter blues. They help to increase our serotonin levels, also known as "happiness chemicals", as well as reduce the stress levels in the body. Cholesterol levels, heart function as well as hair and nail growth all benefit from B’s; not to mention the part it plays in lung, breast, colon and prostate cancer prevention. B is for BOOM!