Since Vitarock started in 2012, we have strived to be different. Different like the first time you tried warm apple pie with a slice of cheddar cheese; completely wholesome and not what you'd expect with a baked good. This is why we are proud to be apart of an expanding movement of Certified B Corporations.

As a Certified B Corporation, we choose to place the environment parallel with profits. We are put under a microscope and examined with a fine-tooth comb every two years to ensure we are holding up our end of the bargain.


We proudly pre-screen all of the products we carry to be:

PURE no undesirable/harmful ingredients.

GREEN sustainably sourced and manufactured.

SAFE certified and third-party tested.

FAIR only from companies with ethical mandates.


We partner with the non-profit organizations as our pledge to continue to support and fight for equality and the communities we live in. We are committed to keeping our promises to enrich our environment and not hindering her growth. Without exception.


1% For the Planet

1% of every single one of our sales is donated to supporting Tree Canada's National Greening Program to replenish Northern Ontario's ecosystem affected by deforestation by mining. Replanting a wide range of native tree species and shrubs to afforest areas or increase species diversity for those that may be at risk.


Supporting Cruelty-Free

We think it's time to say 'sayonara' to animal testing! So, a percentage of all our sales go towards the support and research to eliminate animal testing and we ensure all our products reflect that.


Women's Shelter Involvement

We are proud to support local women's shelters in the GTA, with emphasis on health and wellness education for women, including initiatives to donate clean bath and body products.


We're proud to be a Woman-owned and founded company! Women are at the heart and soul of our business. Like all women, we wear many hats: entreprenuer, innovator, trail-blazer, hell-raiser, mother, the list goes on! Hats off to the main ladies behind VItarock: Alicja and Elizabeth, and of course, Mother Earth!


As a B Corp, we use the B Impact Assesement as a tool to help guide us on our journey to measure and manage our social and environmental impact. It is an insightful and challenging process that brings incredible value to purpose driven businesses. See how we stack up here:

We're here to help you make every choice for you and your family count. We take an investigative and holistic approach to selecting and carefully checking every item so you don't have to! We intentionally partner with health + wellness brands that share our vision to make the world a better place so you can feel good about every purchase you make with us!

As a growing company, we want to raise the bar, do better, be different and be that brazen piece of sharp cheddar on your boring apple pie!