4 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Kids Immune System

4 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Kids Immune System

As parents, there are several things you can do to enhance your child’s immunity. This starts with a healthy diet, good quality of sleep and a wholistic lifestyle that incorporates daily exercise. Other areas that can affect your child’s immunity is exposure to unnecessary chemicals — through household cleaning and skincare products. By strengthening your child’s immune system, it’ll give them a fighting chance to ward of viruses.

Must Have Nutrition Supplements For Kids

If there is anything you can be assured of, is that your kids will catch germs!

The first line of attack begins with a healthy diet. Nutrition plays a key role. Unfortunately, many “quick foods” consist of fillers such as sugars. These fillers will inflame your child’s immune system — making it difficult for your kids to fight off any germs they catch.

Boosting your child’s immune system starts with food. The main bulk of what they consume should consist of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, eggs, beans and meats. Whenever possible, lean towards organic and local produce. They’re packed with nutrient rich vitamins and minerals, more so then from a mass market food supply chain.

In an non-organic, supply chain, many of the foods are stripped of their nutritional value. These foods are made to produce high yields. Many times they are made from generically modified seeds and in meats and dairy products they contain antibiotics and hormones.

How Much Vegetables & Fruits Should Kids Eat?

An easy way to get your kids to eat their greens, is by incorporating a daily smoothie. Power their juice or milk with a scoop of super greens. In many cases, a scoop can have as much as three servings of vegetables and fruit.

Based on the Mayo Clinic’s guideline for a healthy diet, children should consume up to five (5) cups of fruit per day and up to four (4) cups of vegetables per day. This will depend on your child’s age group.

Healthy Bacteria – Probiotic

In addition to diet having a heathy balance of good bacteria (microflora) in the body will also help fend off any nasty viruses. It also enables the body to work optimally by allowing it to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

Good strains to consume are lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. You can find them in many dairy products (kefir and yogurt) and fermented products (tempeh, miso and pickles).

Based on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, they recommend between 5 to 10 billion CFUs per day or higher. 

Immune Boosting Supplements & Multi-Vitamins For Kids

Even with a well rounded diet, there’s going to be days where fast food restaurant, super-seeds a home cooked meal. It’s going to happen from time to time. Incorporating a daily, immune boosting, multi-vitamin for kids, will help when diet alone can’t fill in the nutritional gaps.

Key Immune Boosting Vitamins & Minerals: 

Vitamins C – promotes healthy skin, connective tissue and muscles

Vitamin D – promotes tooth and bone formation and aids with the absorption of calcium

Calcium – helps build strong bones

Omega 3 – promotes cognitive development

Minerals like zinc, manganese, selenium, copper, iron sulfur, magnesium and germanium are essential for growing kids. 

Stress & Sleep

You’d be surprised but kids get stressed out too! They’re might not be fretting over the bills. But they get the sensation of feeling overwhelmed — especially if they are trying something new for the first time or suffer from a jammed pack schedule.

During times of stress, their adrenal glands will trigger. This leads to anxiety and can throw off their good sleeping habits. Balance is important at all ages — ensurethat they get enough downtime to calm their nervous system.

Based on the National Sleep Foundation kids need between 10 – 14 hours of sleep per day. This will depend on their age group. As they get older they will need less. Only once they enter into their young adult years 7 – 9 hours a night will be enough.


Aromatherapy is a good option to incorporate before bedtime. Try essential oils that will induce calm and relaxation. You can add a few drops of lavender in their bath water or diffuse it in the air.

Homeopathic Tinctures

Homeopathic remedies are super effective for children. Children generally have less toxins than adults — making it much easier for the compounds to work and faster.

Ingredients such as Arsenicum album, Argentum nitricum and Aconitum napellus help with calming anxiety and tension. However before using any tinctures, its best to consult with a Naturopath first to ensure they are getting the right dosage and combination.

The Skin

Your child’s skincare plays a major role in their health. As the largest organ in the body, their skin will absorb nutrients directly into their bloodstream. Conversely, if they’re exposed to toxic chemicals found in everyday household cleaners land laundry detergents those will be absorbed too.

Research has shown that cleaners and laundry detergents using chemicals such as surfactants (SLS – sodium lauryl sulfate) not only harm the environment (water and aquatic life) but humans too. Other chemicals such as sodium borate have been known to cause endocrine and reproductive problems.

Think of your kids playing on a hot day or in a gym class. When they sweat, the chemical residue left on their clothing will get absorbed through their skin. It can lead to the skin being irritated, triggger asthma or respiratory issues.

A good rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t use the laundry detergent directly on your skin as a body wash, then it’s probably to abrasive to use period!

To live healthy, one must surround themselves in a healthy environment. Examine what could be putting your child’s immunity at risk. Could it be: their diet, their ability to manage stress, proper sleep and/or everyday household items around them? If you address one or all these pillars, you’re one step closer to builder a stronger immune system for them!