5 Best Beauty Products for a Long-Haul Flight

5 Best Beauty Products for a Long-Haul Flight


So you’ve decided to escape North America for an exotic destination abroad. Well, just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean that your beauty routine has to suffer.

Although it may be tempting to lug every tube and bottle that you have sitting on your bathroom counter with you, it’s a little impractical. Long-haul flights overseas can be taxing on your body and skin, however, there are some superstar green and eco-friendly products that can do double (and triple) duty and keep you looking your best. Here are 5 long-haul flight beauty essentials.

1. Badger Balm Lip Garnet Lip Tint

A hydrating lip tint is a non-negotiable item. With nourishing ingredients, like cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil, can help seal in the moisture that can get lost during a long-flight. Badger Balm’s lip tint in garnet provides the perfect balance of hydration and color with certified organic and Fairtrade ingredients, including rosehip oil and vitamin E.

2. Everyone Face, Remove Wipes (30 count)

An all-purpose wipe is an important staple in your carry-on. And a big plus is that you can use it to give your seat and tray a once over before you cozy in for your flight. However, the intended use is for your face and these Everyone Face Remove wipes will infuse some much need hydration with aloe and cucumber extracts to soothe and smooth away any inflammation or dryness in your skin.

3. Derma E Hydrating Face Mist

One of the best beauty products for flights is this refreshing face mist by derma e. A good hydrating face mist can boost your mood and prevent your skin from becoming dry during your flight. Face mists can also be used to set your makeup while adding a dewy glow. Derma E Hydrating Mist contains hyaluronic acid, one of the most important anti-aging ingredients. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to retain moisture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and lighten up dark circles that appear under your eyes — perfect for looking fresh and bright after hours on a plane.

4. Zorah BBB Beauty Balm Cream

A BB cream, also known as “beauty balm” cream, is a great carry on item because it’s 3-in-one — a light moisturizer with a tint to match your complexion and to lightly cover blemishes or redness. Choose a BB cream that includes a safe mineral-based SPF, such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Whenever you find a product that accomplishes a few things in one go, it can save you time and valuable luggage space. Check out Zorah BBB Beauty Balm Cream, a light non-greasy argan oil-based formula will easily become a travel staple and life saver.

5. Mineral Fusion Vegan Bronzer

You're just about to land at your final destination — why not give yourself a quick sun-kissed glow? A well-selected bronzer can lightly contour your face and provide your skin with a boost of healthy color. Choose a bronzer that is talc-free, as talc can dry out your skin and cause irritation in some skin types. This vegan bronzer by Mineral Fusion is one of our faves. It contains white tea and rooibos, two potent antioxidants so you can look good and reap the anti-aging benefits at the same time.

When you’re off to a faraway destination, don’t compromise your beauty routine. Travel light by picking the best long-haul flight makeup and beauty products that have a dual purpose. Focus on items that will keep your skin naturally healthy and hydrated, so that your skin can shine through with radiance when you arrive at your final destination.

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