The 4 “E’s” to Eliminate Exhaustion: 5 Minute Solutions to Fight Fatigue

The 4 “E’s” to Eliminate Exhaustion: 5 Minute Solutions to Fight Fatigue

I have a dog. His name is Frankie. Frankie is an irresistibly adorable dog with bright green eyes and a cheerful grin. Frankie loves all people and all animals, but what he doesn’t love is thunder. Frankie has all-out, full-on, over-the-top panic attacks anytime there is a thunderstorm. Of course, during the summer months this means Frankie’s mom and dad get very little sleep. The reason for this story is basically to say that I’m tired. The last few weeks have been ridden with nighttime rainstorms and therefore no one in our house has been sleeping. Naturally this means I’ve been looking into quick, easy and organic solutions to fight the fatigue. Here are the best natural remedies for boosting energy that take less than five minutes!


1. Daily Exercise Increase Our Energy

We’re all well aware of the benefits of exercise, especially when it comes to increasing our energy but what we might not have realized is that the solitary daily hour of activity may not be enough. Studies show that one needs to move regularly throughout the day in order to keep the blood flowing. Experts suggest getting up and taking short five-minute walks throughout the day, as well as doing regular cardiovascular workouts to maintain optimal energy. #BRB



2. Elevation Indian Yoga Practice

Another effective way to combat fatigue is a technique influenced by ancient Indian yoga practice. Studies show that if we lay down with our back flat on the floor and prop our legs up above our head, the blood flow to the head boosts brain function and alertness. It also has been shown to calm anxiety and boost mood. Excuse me while I grab a pillow for my feet!




3. Essential Oil Reduce Fatigue and Improve Energy

Apparently getting a natural boost is as easy as a whiff of essential oils! Specifically, peppermint has been shown to reduce fatigue and improve energy. Just a few deep inhales is enough to add a little ‘pep’ in your step. If there’s no time for a relaxing bath, simply hold a tissue with a few drops of the oil to the nose and breathe! Peppermint tea can also have energetic benefits so opt for an herbal tea instead of a cup of coffee when you’re feeling lethargic.

  Essential Oil


4. Eating important Source of Energy

The most important source of energy is water! The minute the body is even slightly dehydrated, energy levels are the first thing to plummet. The trick is don’t wait until you feel thirsty – sip H20 regularly to keep on top of it. On days you really feel like you’re dragging (like me, today) have a few extra cups than usual – your body will thank you.



It’s also important to watch the food we eat when feeling tired. Consuming highly processed foods will strain the adrenal glands, causing our bodies to work harder and causing us to feel even more exhausted. Don’t take two steps backward: stay on top of nutrition by eating fresh, whole foods as well as a balanced mixture of protein and carbs at every meal to ensure energy is being sustained. So what are the best foods for energy? Spinach and berries! They each pack lots of fibre and nutrients to help keep the body going!