allKiDz Q & A

allKiDz Q & A

allKiDz q & a

Vitarock spoke to Betty Wang, CEO at
allKiDz about children's nutrition and the need for healthy development now more than ever. Learn more about allKiDz, this month's brand feature!

What’s the inspiration behind allKiDz?

As fellow parents, we at allKiDz® know that you’re looking to provide the exact nutrition that your child needs, nothing more and nothing less. That’s why we strive to give you products with ingredients you’re familiar with – ingredients you can pronounce. No hidden chemicals, no common allergens, no preservatives or added sugars. Just pure nutritional goodness, to provide the best possible groundwork for your child’s healthy development. 

Just like you, we want to build towards a healthy foundation that lasts a lifetime. allKiDz® prioritizes the critical formative years over all else, a period for children when healthy diets are easily affected by the smallest things, from picky eating to parents’ busy schedules.

Why do kids need nutritional supplements?

Babies and children need everything they can get to grow healthy and strong. Processed foods are often deprived of essential nutrients. Artificial processing, manufacturing and preparing foods, disrupt the natural correlations of the food ingredients. For example, one simple food factor, separated from the whole and “refined” is, in that processed state, much less effective and very different from its natural association with the whole food.

Oils are the most essential nutrients, especially Omega 3. Infants need more oils than adults. Oils are the raw materials from which the body create hormones. Hormones are the governors of all body functions, of growth and of body biochemical balance. Oils are like suits of armour that coat and protect every cell from toxic hazards and harm.

Food grown in soil can sometimes be depleted of crucial minerals due to unsuitable soil treatment. Supplements provide the necessary vitamins as well as minerals for optimum health and growth.

How is allKiDz different from other vitamin brands?

We focus on children’s nutrition – that’s all we do!  allKiDz is the only Canadian brand focused on children’s supplements. Following strict Canadian quality standards, our products are age-specific, natural & effective, and in the form of tasty powder/liquid/gummies and with unique formulas utilizing the latest in Nutritional research for children. 

We back up our dedication to children’s health with a team of the field’s leading experts and formulation specialists. From scientific development PhDs and formulation scientists to naturopathic doctors and nutrition specialists, our team has decades of combined experience and professional expertise. What’s more, our team is made up of parents like you, and our philosophy is the same as yours: to provide the best care and support possible for your child.

  • Proudly made in CANADA

  • Raw materials sourced from North America, Europe with thorough testing

  • All formulas approved by Health Canada with rigorous quality assurance

  • Natural ingredients, no artificial flavours/colours/sweeteners. Gluten-Free!

  • Science-based, clinically-proven, age-specific formulas

  • Formulated by pediatric professionals including Ph.D., M.D., N.D.

  • Kid-friendly dosage forms: powder sachet, liquid and gummy

  • Great taste with natural fruit flavours

  • With environmentally-conscious initiatives, Live Green and the 3R's - "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" - allKiDz® focuses on caring for the environment

  • Part of our proceeds goes toward the Défi Sportif, supporting the children with special needs for a brighter future

What do you recommend consumers look for on children’s vitamin bottles?

Look at the list of ingredients, health benefit claims, age group the product is applicable for,

the expiration date of the product, the GMP logo, and the Health Canada issued NPN number.

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