Buy from B Corps, the “Good Companies”

Buy from B Corps, the “Good Companies”

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In 2021, consumers are more attuned than ever to the power of their voices and dollars.

Social movements are constantly trending on social media as well as occupying prime spaces on broadcast & major media channels. Outdated, unjust social & economic systems are being questioned and held to account for the outcomes they are increasingly being blamed for. Boycotts, protests, and call-outs (“cancelling”) of people and companies illustrate community motivations for change that have only grown during the pandemic.

As the younger population swells and the balance of power swings toward it (like in the 1960’s & 70’s), governments, companies, celebrities and influencer voices are starting to achieve levels of change on issues that up to now have just been given lip-service.

When shopping for everyday items, more consumers than ever are asking, “who are the ‘good companies’?” They’re also asking “do I really need this?” while considering how something was made and how long the packaging will last in landfills.

Who are the good companies and how can I be part of the solution rather than the problem? Amazon has its human resource ethics issues, Walmart has faced similar workforce policy controversies, Apple has had “batterygate” and labour & material sourcing ethics accusations, and Facebook has been busy responding to a litany of privacy and social responsibility accusations. Ethical consumption of products, services and food is an integral part of many people’s daily lives. And it’s at an all-time high in modern history. —Enter B Corps.

Why Buy from B Corps?

B Corps (like Vitarock) have had all aspects of their operations reviewed and certified to be of net benefit to people and/or the environment. Climate neutrality, support of vulnerable and underrepresented groups, and providing fair wages and working conditions for workers throughout a company’s entire supply chain are just some of the ways you’re helping when you choose products and services offered by B Corps. Support equity and transparency. Support the good companies.

Check out these four B Corp brands we love, and how they’re actually impacting our world in positive, real ways.

All Good

All Good is certified organic, certified climate neutral and certified women-owned. “If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.” is one of their core values.

All Good supports healthy reefs through their very careful selection of ingredients used on body care products, like their sunscreens, that come into direct contact with reefs. All Good also supports 1% for the Planet, which was founded to prevent “greenwashing” and improve environmental and social impact accountability.

Dr. Bronner’s

It’s impossible to sum up all the good Dr. Bronner’s does in one article. These famous liquid soaps deserve to be in everyone’s shower! Ingredients from all four corners of the planet are sourced through fair trade partnerships, like olive oil from Palestine and Israel, India for mint oil, Samoa and Sri Lanka for coconut oil, and many more ingredients via numerous North American fair trade programs.

Let’s talk politics. Dr. Bronner’s, based in Northern California, also advocates for youth programs (domestic and abroad), wage equality, animal rights, drug policy reform, criminal justice reform, regenerative organic agriculture, and community betterment. Support is provided in all these areas through financial support and political campaigns.

Manitoba Harvest

Sustainability, health and vitality are some of the core values in this food producer located in Canada’s heartland. “We’re hemp’s biggest fans” is their motto.

Environmentally-friendly hemp cultivation and advocacy and their contribution to our health & vitality through their non-GMO/organic and pesticide free nutrition make Manitoba Harvest a great choice for snack bars, granola, hemp hearts, and more. Support your body’s vitality and support a great Canadian company doing good work!

They’re also carbon neutral certified.


Aisle period products “has helped supply hundreds of thousands of reusable pads and period underwear to more than 17,000 menstruating people in 18 different nations”. They have achieved this through their commitment to “dignity projects” including a partnership with AFRIpads that provides support for menstrual & reproductive health, access to education, and local employment in Uganda. Materials are translated into multiple languages and are designed to fit a Muslim cultural context.

Follow them on Instagram (@periodaisle) to learn more and laugh more (they’re funny!).


When you buy from B Corps, you’re making conscious choices to support positive impacts to the world as an individual, while streaming your disposable income away from organizations and corporations that do not consider social or environmental welfare. And it feels good!

Each B Corp has its own special, unique mission. Our mission at Vitarock is to increase access to and awareness of alternative products and brands, whether they are B Corps or not (yet). We screen all our offerings, and are especially proud to offer products that are third-party certified in a variety of areas, including quality, testing, eco-friendliness, sourcing, and manufacturing processes.

Our other B Corps not listed above all have similar missions and intentions, which centre on serving consumer needs while preserving and supporting the planet and all its people. Don’t forget to check out these other B Corps while you’re here: Garden of Life, Beekeeper’s Naturals, The Unscented Company, Badger Balms, Desert Essence, Goddess Garden, Preserve, Everyone, Lafe’s, Traditional Medicinals and Yogi Teas.

Together we can and are making a measurable difference in our world!

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Written by Ian Batt

Ian is natural health & wellness marketing veteran, with a background in retail, wholesale, regulatory compliance, ecommerce and group fitness. He is a dog dad, entrepreneur, certified yoga teacher and outdoor enthusiast who now calls Toronto home.

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