Divine Essence Q & A

Divine Essence Q & A

Divine Essence Q & A

Vitarock spoke with Divine Essence about what makes their aromatherapy products unique and asked what their fave must-have products are. We share in the same mission to carry wellness solutions that are natural and organic as well as natural cosmetic products that are free of undesirable chemical substances. Plus we're hosting a Divine Essence giveaway for a chance to score some sweet-smelling and 100% natural essential products! Enter below!


1. What’s the inspiration behind your company? 

Everyone should be living a healthy life but stress and fatigue are common enemies that get in our way, so as colds and aches & pains in many forms. Our mission is to promote the powerful benefits of science-based aromatherapy for an improve health so that each individual can overcome minor health challenges that life may throw at them. At Divine Essence® we are inspired by ancient wisdom and modern science since 1994.


Between our ethical sourcing and our ongoing research & development on the true nature of aromatic plants, we are pleased to offer premium quality essential oils and related products that meet the needs of the most demanding users and professionals alike:   

  • Certified organic by ECOCERT® and USDA Organic*.  
  • From trusted artisanal producers worldwide*.  
  • NPN licenced products for therapeutic use by Health Canada†. 
  • Independently tested chromatography (CG-MS) for purity and potency.   
  • Test results and certificates are available for transparency.   


We strive to provide safe and potent products along with useful information on subjects such as aromatherapy, beauty care, and holistic wellness. Feeling good and living healthy is a quest. With Divine Essence® we believe you can live your best life, every day. 

2Where do you source the raw ingredients for your products and what is the process for determining purity and efficacy?

Sourcing is the key to the quality and the reputation of our product. We source most of our raw ingredients from certified organic agriculture and from trusted artisanal producers. The organic certification process along with independent chromatography (CG-MS) testing on every lot we receive guarantees the Purity of our products. As for efficacy and safety, we work with Health Canada to have our products licenced to meets their strict standards.

3. What are your key values as a brand?

Quality, transparency, environmental respect, and social commitment.

4. How do you define wellness and self-care?

Wellness is all within us. Self-care can be learned with an open and holistic mindset.

5. What’s your favourite Divine Essence product?

Our new Cinnamon Fresh Breath! A must for a discrete healthy living. It’s a highly concentrated, a single shot naturally eliminates bad breath while promoting digestion thanks to the powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties of essential oils.

Certified 100% organic, this breath freshener will satisfy your taste buds wherever you go thanks to its pocket size.

Enter the Divine Essence Giveaway from Vitarock!

Enter the Divine Essence Giveaway 

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