Does Your Coffee Help Save the Planet?

Does Your Coffee Help Save the Planet?

Does Your Coffee Help Save the Planet?

Does Your Coffee Help Save the Planet?

Do you drink coffee every day? If so, we think you'll love what our friends at Bulletproof have to teach us about their unique coffee beans!

When you brew your morning coffee with Bulletproof beans, you can sip with the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting human rights, farmers’ livelihoods and sustainable agriculture. Our coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means they’ve made a commitment to producing coffee in a way that supports its environmental and community roots.

That sounds great, but what do these pillars really look like in practice?

Clean Coffee Only

Bulletproof’s coffee beans are shade-grown, a farming method that enriches both the environment where the coffee is grown and the flavors that end up in your cup. We source our beans from small farms in Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala. Our 100% Arabica coffee cherries are hand-picked and sorted by expert local harvesters.

Plus, The Rainforest Alliance certified seal on Bulletproof coffee products tells you it was produced with respect for farmers, workers and nature!

100% Arabica coffee cherries

7 Ways Sipping Bulletproof Coffee Helps Save the Planet

Whether you take it black or fat-fueled, your morning cup of Bulletproof coffee packs more than just flavour. From funding local youth programs in coffee farm communities to slowing down the impact of climate change, you can make a difference the moment you tear open an aromatic bag of our clean and supportive coffee beans!

1. Supports Diversity

Their coffee growers help maintain the diverse collection of plants and animals native to the area by establishing wildlife corridors—strips of natural habitat that connect populations of wildlife otherwise separated by cultivated land or roads. They also support the protection of endangered species by banning hunting, minimizing the spread of invasive species (non-native plants or animals that can negatively alter habitats), implementing erosion control and increasing organic soil to improve soil health.

Additionally, since our coffee is shade-grown under native trees, it’s protected from harsh weather conditions. Not only does this reduce the need for pesticides and chemical fertilizers, but it also promotes biodiversity. Some believe that because this coffee-growing method produces crops more slowly, the berries yield superior flavours.

2. Prevents Deforestation

The coffee farms we partner with practice agroforestry, meaning they nurture existing trees and plant new ones side by side with coffee and other crops.

Besides promoting biodiversity, our farms also work with the Rainforest Alliance to tend to surrounding areas by protecting, conserving and even rehabilitating natural ecosystems.

Living wage for workers

3. Mitigate Climate Change

The Rainforest Alliance Certified farms we work with conduct a risk assessment to better understand how the local climate will change over time, where they are most at risk and what preventive actions they can take. Once they understand the current and potential future local effects of climate change, they map out farming processes catered to a specific environment and its associated risks.

Our farmers also carry out a carbon footprint assessment to learn how to minimize their footprint by making operations more energy efficient. Following business practices like planting and growing trees around coffee plants and the surrounding environment contributes to this carbon footprint reduction, as well!

4. Promote Gender Quality

The Rainforest Alliance works with the farms that produce our coffee beans to promote the empowerment of non-binary and women farmers. Certified companies and farms receive tools and training to better understand and address the gender gaps and issues in their operations. In addition, they must create and distribute a written statement to their workers expressing how they are committed to gender equality.

5. Protect Workers' Rights

Rainforest Alliance coffee farms prioritize workers’ rights and safety, making them better places to work! Each farm has teams in place to prevent forced labour, discrimination and workplace harassment and violence. Mere bans have proven ineffective in the past, so current prevention efforts focus on engaging the community, raising awareness and assessing and addressing the issues that may be present in this part of the supply chain.

Our farms also provide a living wage for workers and a living income for their farmers. This means they must pay minimum wage and compensate farmers and staff enough to afford food, water, housing, education, healthcare, transportation, clothing and other necessities—including coverage of unexpected life events—based on the local cost of living.

6. Prevent Child Labour

All Rainforest Alliance Certified farms have an internal committee dedicated to preventing child labor. When the committee finds a case, it works with the respective family to mend the problem.

Whether this means helping locate a child’s birth certificate for school registration or improving household income to eliminate the need for someone’s son or daughter to work, every measure will be taken to support families who find themselves in these sorts of situations.

7. Support Local Communities

Proceeds from coffee sales help the workers who grow, harvest, cup, pack and ship the coffee beans by funding improvements in their communities! From building roads and better housing to supporting local youth with access to snacks, playgrounds and even musical instruments and programs, every dollar goes a long way toward making life a little easier for those directly involved in the sourcing process.

Support Local Communities

Bulletproof Coffee Roasts

Bulletproof Original: Medium-roast coffee that is sweet and smooth on the palate.
The Mentalist: Medium-dark roast with a deliciously rich and nutty finish.
French Kick: Dark-roast that features all things smoky and smooth.
Bulletproof Original Decaf: Same delicious flavour but utilizes the Swiss Water® Process to gently remove caffeine without using chemicals like other methods do.

Bulletproof and the Rainforest Alliance are creating a better future by committing to responsibly sourced coffee beans. When you purchase Rainforest Alliance coffee, you’re supporting high standards of environmental, social and economic stewardship. The everyday choices you make contribute to a better world where people and nature can thrive together!

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