Dr. Karol Recommends ParaGONE (Anti-parasite) Kit

Dr. Karol Recommends ParaGONE (Anti-parasite) Kit

If there is one product out there that amazes me the most it has to be this one. It is specifically designed to fight bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections. It contains the strongest herbal and botanic ingredients for this purpose.


These days, with stronger and stronger resistance to antibiotics, you can not ask for anything more. Not only will this product help cleanse your body from any of the four infection agents named above, but it will also support and help recover your immune system. This may be especially helpful during this winter season, especially with influenza on the rise.


From my own experience I always hear people search for single natural ingredients for strengthening the immune system and fighting off infections during the flu season. But this product gives you five well researched ones in one package. It also includes other ingredients that are supportive in nature and which further increase the effectiveness of this product. One last thing before I give you the summary of the most important ingredients: contrary to antibiotics, which have many serious side effects and which destroy your natural and beneficial bacterial flora in the gastrointestinal and vaginal tracts, this product has all natural ingredients without such negative consequences. This makes sure that your natural flora does not suffer. It also means that you will not be burdened by unwanted side effects like liver or kidney toxicity.


So here is a summary of the most important and the most effective ingredients in this product.


Wormwood Leaf


This plant is used specifically for parasitic infections particularity for roundworms, pinworms, and helminthes (flukes).


In case you do not have any of these infections, it is also used for many gastrointestinal (GI) complaints and for liver support.


Note: roundworms and pinworms are very common and most people never know that they have them; they deplete nutrients and cause inflammation of the intestines, leading to many gastrointestinal complaints.


Thyme Leaf

Thyme leaf is used for bacterial, viral and fungal infections (eg. candida).


It is also very effective for urinary tract infections.


Furthermore, it is an excellent expectorant and antitussive which means that it will clear the airways from mucus and phlegm, and will inhibit the irritating dry cough associated with respiratory infections.



Garlic has been used for millennia as an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic agent.


It has anti-cancer properties because of its sulphur containing compounds.


It also supports liver function and helps in liver detoxification.


Black Walnut Hulls

Because of their very strong and distinctive aroma, I always wondered about their medicinal properties. Research supports Black Walnut Hulls as an antibacterial (specifically for Helicobacter pylori that is a causative agent of stomach ulcers and Tuberculosis).


It is also a strong antifungal (candida) and antiparasitic agent (roundworms, pinworms and Leishmaniasis).


Furthermore, Black Walnut shows anti-cancer properties.



Marshmallow Root


Marshmallow Root is good for urinary tract infections, but its strongest property is for the regularity of the gastrointestinal tract as well as for gastric reflux (heartburn) and stomach ulcers (most of which are caused by H. pylori infection).


Finally, Marshmallow Root is also very effective for dry cough especially dry cough associated with viral infection of the respiratory tract.




As a final note, there are many single ingredient products out there that are fantastic for improving immunity and for respiratory and GI infections. My personal favorite are Echinacea products by A. Vogel and Black Elderberry by Sambucol. But this product became also my favorite. It is simply amazing how Renew Life has combined multiple well researched ingredients to support your immunity, fight infections or cleanse your body from infections that you may not be even aware of.


I highly recommend this product not just for every day use but also in people with a weakened immune system that are prone to many infections. This would include people with HIV, leukemia, lymphomas, inherited immunodeficiency syndromes, and cystic fibrosis among others.


See you next time.


Dr. Karol