Dry January: What it is and Should You Try It?

Dry January: What it is and Should You Try It?

Dry January

Dry January: What it is and Should You Try It?

The new year is always a great time to focus on bringing more balance and well-being into your life — so why not kick off this year with a “Dry January”? 

What is “Dry January''?

Simply put, “Dry January” is a popular trend where people avoid the consumption of alcohol for the entire month of January. 

With many of us coming off a season of imbibing it may seem obvious that taking a rest from alcohol will support our health & well-being goals. Better quality sleep, increased energy & focus and a better mood all seem to be good reasons to abstain, yet — going booze free for a period of time also offers up a fresh perspective on our relationship with alcohol. 

Shaking up our habits starts with questioning whether or not drinking alcohol actually makes us feel good. And surely, a decision to abstain from alcohol that is rooted in mindfulness will make for a more curious and compassionate month ahead!

A Few Helpful Tips:

• Become intentional about your reasons for WHY you’re interested in a “Dry January” 

• Grab a pal and enjoy the experience together! 

• Be sure to have several beverage alternatives and yummy recipes on hand that you’re excited to try! (we love Kite Sparkling Adaptogenic Teas!) 

Lastly, remember that even though the name Dry January leaves much to be desired - your month of getting “sober curious” and spending some time away from alcohol can be anything but. Use this time to become more connected to yourself, try new experiences, and of course, try out some yummy stress supportive bevys.

Here's one of our favourite recipes to give you a head start!

Tulsi Hibiscus Spritz

Tulsi HIbiscus Spritz⁠

The perfect non-alcoholic ADAPTOGENIC mocktail recipe for you to enjoy!

• ¼  cup fresh blackberries, muddled

• 2 leaves fresh basil⁠, finely chopped

• 1 can of @drinkkite Sparkling Adaptogenic Tea Align TULSI HIBISCUS⁠

Gently muddle blackberries and chop the basil (mint also works well!). Add berries & herbs to the bottom of the cocktail glass and pour Align Sparkling Adaptogenic Tea. Garnish with additional berries and basil.


Kite Rise Moringa Lemon

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