Essential Oils for Fighting Airborne Diseases

Essential Oils for Fighting Airborne Diseases

For 600 years from the 1300s to 1700s, plagues were rampant in Europe. The spread of the bubonic plague were due to inflected flea bites. The disease would travel into your bloodstream and it would attack your lymphatic system. Similar to the bubonic plague, the septicemic plague was spread through lesions in the skin and/or airborne. Someone would be able to catch the airborne disease by being close to someone coughing and or sneezing near them.


However, in the 17th century, four robbers came up with a creative concoction to ward off the plague (essential oils). Their potion was coined the Thieves Blend, Four Thieves Blend, Vinegar of the Four Thieves or Marseilles Vinegar. The concoction made with herbs would fight off insect bites and airborne diseases.


Originally the thieves started out as spice traders and merchants. However when the plague hit, shipping trade halted and their boats docked indefinitely. To overcome financial disaster, they looked at other means to make money. They robbed from graves and looted from the homes of the victims infected with the plague.


Benefits of Essential Oils


Eventually they were caught. When asked by the King of England, how they were able to avoid illness themselves — they explained how they’d infuse different herbs to create a barrier. As spice traders they learnt about the healing property of herbs. They’d rub their infused vinegar and essential oil remedy, onto their temples, ears and hands.


Benefits of Essential Oils


Many years later, the original recipe was hung in the Museum of Paris in 1937. Their recipe consisted of: wormwood, meadowsweet, wild marjoram, sage, cloves, campanula roots, angelic, rosemary, horehound and camphor.

Since the time of the Four Thieves, many companies have created their own blends using sage, lavender, thyme, rosemary, ruta graveolens (rue), mint and wormwood (sagebrush or mugwort).


How to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used topically and diffused in the air. For topical use, you can infuse a carrier oil such as almond, apricot, coconut, olive oil, with your favourite essential oils.


DIY Body Oil

To make your body oil, use an amber glass bottle. You want to use a dark bottle to keep out sunlight. The sunlight will deteriorate your essential oil. Use about two (2) ounces of carrier oil to about 12 drops of essential oil.



Diffuse Essential Oils

There are many ways you can diffuse essential oils. You can make your own by using an essential oil mister. It’s a fantastic way to liven up stale air or give you an instant perk.


Diffuse Essential Oils


Terra Cotta Diffuser


For continuous slow release, you can use a traditional terra cotta diffuser. Simply add a few drops to the surface of the diffuser. Since terra cotta is porous it will emit the oil gradually. To get the best results, hang it new a window.

Car & Wall Aromatherapy Diffusers


Other alternatives include diffusers you can plug into your car and your wall sockets. These methods uses heat to warm up your essential oil. You’d add 4 to 6 drops to the paper diffuser pad. It will give you up to three (3) hours of aromatherapy.

Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

The most effective is the ultrasonic diffuser. The essential oil gradually released through cool mist. It uses water as the carrier. The water is being vibrated. It does not generate any heat which maximizes the effectiveness of the essential oil and preserves its integrity.


When the water is agitated, it separates the water particles and releases negative ions in the air. The negative ions, bond with positively charged, free radicals and they help clean your space.


The ultrasonic diffusers make a fantastic option for continuous, therapeutic, slow release of your favourite essential oil. It creates an ambient feel and it also releases a bit of moisture to the room. Great for dry winter months!


Just like the Four Thieves, an ultrasonic diffuser will help you fight airborne viruses. In the winter, when your windows are closed, try using an ultrasonic diffuser. Select herbs with antimicrobial properties such as eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, bergamot, and other essential oils. You’ll notice that your family will be in a better mood and minimizes their chances of catching colds.


Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser