Ethical Shopping Made Easy

Ethical Shopping Made Easy

Ethical Shopping Made Easy

Ethical Shopping Made Easy

The way you shop can change the world. What a bold statement, right? It is true - where you spend your money can have a huge impact on the world. We all have different reasons why we want to shop ethically, but one thing is for sure - when you carefully choose where you buy from, when you look behind the brand, you are voting with your dollar on values that you want to promote. From environmental issues to social justice issues, these can all be addressed by shopping ethically.

Change your shopping - Change the world

4 Easy Steps to Shop Ethically

Buy What You Need

Do you have one at home already that works perfectly fine? Every new purchase is a new decision on how you can shop ethically. The easiest and first step is to not buy a new product at all! Oftentimes we may feel that we need to replace or buy new items with a new season, a new move, or perhaps because there’s a trendy new option at your favourite store. Shopping sustainably means you prioritize buying what you need, especially when it still functions properly.

Shop Locally and From Your Own Country

The advantages of shopping locally are plentiful - you will pass on expensive duties and avoid long shipping times! When searching for products online, add “Canada” or “your city name” in your search, so that you can find local stores. For example, if you are looking for a silk pillowcase, you can search “silk pillowcase Canada” or “silk pillowcase Toronto”. These days, shipping and transportation is a large part of a business’ carbon footprint, so choosing local is always more sustainable.

Choose Products That Are Reusable - or Have Resuable Parts!

Even if we buy less, there are many products we simply can’t forgo. Many household products, makeup items, and even personal care products need to be bought on a regular basis. We can still shop ethically and reduce the amount of waste by choosing products with reusable parts. For example, our favourite deodorants from Routine come in glass jars that can be reused. Our favourite hand soap from The Unscented Co comes in glass pump containers that can be refilled with other personal care products or with our bulk soaps. When you start thinking about each purchase as something that can be reused, the sustainable options are endless!

Do Your Research and Read the Company's Mission and Values Before You Buy

When you buy from a company, you are supporting their values and missions, so it’s important to know what they are. Do they actively take steps in avoiding harming people, animals and the environment? If the brand is transparent, you will be able to find this information on their website, or by giving them a call. 

Here Are Some Questions to Consider:

• Does the company test on animals?

• How does the company protect human and workers' rights?

• Does the company use green or renewable energy?

• Does the company use sustainable ingredients?

• Is the company a B corporation that impacts the planet and community in a positive way?

• Does the company contribute to environmental and social causes? 

• Does the company make an effort to use local resources first?

Company Values

The Quickest Way to Research for Company Ethics

Before we started Vitarock, we were on a mission to do just that! We wanted to support ethical brands, but found that it takes a lot of time and effort to check each brand. Our founder Alicja was so passionate about this topic that an entire marketplace was born out of this idea. That’s us - it’s Vitarock! When you shop our online marketplace, you can rest assured every product is already prescreened and researched for you! 

Get safe, effective natural products that have been stringently evaluated by experts at Vitarock. Founded by a fellow mom, Alicja is one of Canada’s most respected experts in natural product quality and safety. Every product at Vitarock has been proven safe, pure, green and fair. Come shop with confidence.

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