Everything You Need to Know about Iscador

Everything You Need to Know about Iscador


VR: Where is Iscador manufactured?

I: Iscador AG, Switzerland

VR: How does one know which series to begin with?

I: The recommendation is to always start with 2 boxes of Series 0

VR: How should the product be stored?

I: Upon receipt, in the refrigerator

VR: What types of health conditions is Iscador used for?  

I: A great variety including digestive cancers, urogenital tract cancers, breast, respiratory, thyroid, skin, sarcomas (connective tissue) and brain.

VR: How should it be administered and dosed?  

I: 3 times/week, Schedule would be Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, in the  morning

mistletoeVR: From where do you source (harvest) the mistletoe?

I: The active ingredient is European mistletoe

VR: Are there any side effects of using Iscador?

I: Reactivation of previously existing inflammation. Local or systemic allergic reaction (pruritus, urticaria, chills, edema, bronchospasm) that would require urgent medical treatment

VR: Can Iscador be used for any other health condition?

I: Benign tumors, defined precancerous disorders

VR: Can Iscador be used with chemotherapeutic agents and radiation?

I: Indeed, it helps reduce adverse drug reactions due to conventional therapy.

VR: Anything else to add?

I: Iscador should only be used with the guidance of your healthcare provider.

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