Everything You Need to Know About Orange Naturals

Everything You Need to Know About Orange Naturals


Designed by licensed, Canadian naturopathic doctors, Orange Naturals combines the core components of natural medicine into a line of professional-grade, yet family-friendly, naturopathic products that are convenient to use and easy to understand. We want Canadians to feel confident bringing natural medicine home.

The Vitarock team chats with Orange Naturals about their mission behind the brand, customer favorites and more!

V: What was the inspiration behind Orange Naturals?

ON: Orange Naturals was created to service the health needs of Canadian families from a naturopathic perspective. The line was designed to make professional quality, naturopathic health products convenient to use and easy to understand. Our team of licensed Canadian naturopathic doctors combine the core components of natural medicine into a line of professional-grade, yet family-friendly and affordable products. The inspiration was to put natural health products into the reach of Canadian families and foster confidence to bring natural medicine home!

V: How do you decide which products to add to your repertoire?

ON: Our formulating team of practitioners seek to design products that help individuals address health concerns using naturopathic modalities like botanical/herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and homeopathic medicine. We also focus on prevention and optimizing health and wellness, so many products are designed to support optimal health and disease prevention. Our formulas are ultimately designed to be safe, "clean," unique and with the goal of optimizing health. We currently have over 180 different naturopathic remedies in our growing repertoire of products, including supplements, tinctures, homeopathic and nutritional shakes.

V: What are your top 3 best-selling products and why?

ON: Currently, our top selling products include our magnesium bisglycinate formulas (capsules and MagPop!), Turmeric tincture and D3+K2 drops.

Magnesium is becoming increasingly popular as Canadians are learning about it’s extensive involvement in over 800 enzymatic reactions in the body, including proper muscle function, metabolism, development and maintenance of bones and teeth. Our Magnesium Glycinate products are chelate formulas that provide high absorption rates and are easy and gentle on the bowels. Available in powder, vegetable capsules and a yummy powder drink version, we have a magnesium option for the whole family!

Turmeric has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine both as a cooking spice and tea, to protect the liver and relieve inflammatory conditions of the joints. Our turmeric tincture contains organic liquid turmeric, which is rapidly absorbed and metabolized.

D3+K2 is also becoming increasingly popular as we recognize the critical role that these two fat soluble vitamins are co-involved in for optimal health, including the immune system, bone health and heart health. In a base of MCT oil for enhanced absorption, this a great-tasting product with a hint of natural orange flavor.

V: What is the most important item for families to have in their (natural) medicine cabinet?

ON: It’s tough to recommend just one item, but if we had to, we would encourage families to keep well stocked with probiotics for the entire family! Probiotics help to support not only digestive health, but also immune health. Children tend to be affected by viruses and bacteria more frequently than adults, and probiotics can help to set the digestive and immune health tone on the right course! A few more that we would recommend: vitamin D3 (for immune, bone and general health) and of course, magnesium (to support growing bones, calm the nervous system and promote restful sleep).

V: You have an extensive line of herbal tinctures. What makes tinctures (as opposed to capsules) so beneficial for health?

ON: Tinctures are a lovely and effective way to support the body with herbal medicine. As a liquid medicine, tinctures are easy to dispense directly into the mouth and easy to mix into water or a beverage of choice. Our children’s line of tinctures are made with vegetable glycerin, providing a natural sweet taste, without the need for any sweeteners, colours or flavours! Our adult tinctures are made with grain alcohol, which is the optimal solvent for extracting the medicinal properties of botanicals.

Liquid medicines tend to have a fast and easy absorption rate and unlike capsules, do not rely on digestive conditions to start the absorption process. Lastly, in a day and age where “pill fatigue” exists, tinctures are a welcome relief to those who have trouble swallowing.


V: Some of your tinctures use glycerin and not alcohol, is there a reason for this?

ON: We use vegetable glycerin for all of our children’s tinctures. Glycerin is a fantastic solvent which helps to extract the medicinal properties of herbal ingredients, but it also has the benefit of being naturally sweet tasting and child-friendly.

V: From where do you source your raw ingredients for your vitamins, minerals and herbs?

ON: We work with Canadian ingredient suppliers to select top-quality, professionally approved vitamins, minerals and herbs. Many of our ingredients are sourced right here in Canada.

V: How do you determine which herbs to use in your multi herb formulas?

ON: Our Naturopathic formulators select herbs and create formulas based on scientific evidence, safety and efficacy research (all approved by Health Canada) and of course, historical wisdom and references as well. Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years all around the world!


Can you give us a sneak peek into what’s next for Orange Naturals?

ON: At Orange Naturals we are always striving to create the best naturopathic products that are effective, clean and easy to incorporate into everyday family life. We are always working on ideas that fit this bill. Stay tuned for new products!

V: To what do you attribute Orange Natural’s success?

ON: There is a fast growing market of Canadians looking for natural solutions to their health and wellness concerns. Naturopathic medicine is becoming increasingly popular and we are truly honoured to represent this category of professional-grade, naturally-focused medicine for every age and stage.

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