Give Mom the gift of health for Mother’s Day!

Give Mom the gift of health for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I bet you’ve already been thinking about what new and exciting gift to get for mom this year. Vitarock has lots to help your mom feel healthy, relaxed and enjoy her special day.


Go-Getter Moms

Herbal teas offer a multitude of health benefits for every type of mom. If your mom is a go-getter, an adaptogenic herbal tea may be an idea for her. Adaptogens are herbs that assist in the normalization of body system functions altered by stress. The active components of the adaptogens help reduce fatigue associated with stress rather than providing a stimulatory effect (i.e. the feeling you get from a cup of coffee). So if you have a busy mom who doesn’t have time to sip lattes all day, an adaptogenic herbal tea or supplement may be the perfect gift for her – it will help to give her energy and tone down daily stressors so she can enjoy a stress-free Mother’s Day!


Bookworm Moms

Think the adaptogenic blend might not be right for your mom? Is your mom is the type who likes to curl up and relax with a good book? You might want to consider a gift which focuses on relaxation. Herbal teas can also provide calming effects. For example, a tea containing skullcap herb, known for its relaxing effects, might be something your mom could really enjoy with the current #1 bestseller she is currently working on. Skullcap also acts as an antispasmodic (i.e. reduces muscle spasms) which can help relieve menstrual pain. This might not be the focus of the gift, but it certainly is an added benefit for the special lady in your life.


New Moms

Herbal teas even offer excellent health benefits for the new mom.  As a mother, I understand the challenges of breastfeeding and the lack of sleep. Herbs such as Fenugreek seed have been used for centuries to stimulate milk production and can be used in combination with calming herbs, such as valerian root. A relaxing breastfeeding session is something every new mom can appreciate!


If you are thinking of getting your mom the gift of relaxation, herbal teas are not the only thing to consider. Aromatherapy offers the gift of relaxation and has health benefits too! Essential oils such as lavender, spearmint and chamomile offer calming effects when inhaled and can even help with a pesky headache. Other essential oils, such as orange essential oil, are commonly used to help relieve the symptoms associated with digestive disturbances (which may be helpful after a delicious Mother’s Day brunch).


Vitarock offers a variety of herbal teas, supplements and essential oils - the perfect Mother’s Day gift for any type of mom!