Holiday Survival Guide: How to Beat the Sugar Hangover

Holiday Survival Guide: How to Beat the Sugar Hangover

How to Beat the Sugar Hangover

Remember the last time you had a little too much sugar and your energy just went from 100 to 0 in minutes? That’s what I like to call a sugar hangover. 

I think the most common time to experience a sugar hangover is right when the Holiday season hits. We are instantly more attracted to sugar because of the Holiday baking, fun alcoholic drinks and warm, festive lattes. It’s a time to indulge in our favourite treats with our favourite company, but it’s also a time where many of us let our healthy habits go. 

I want to help you prepare for this year’s Holiday because I’m sure it’s going to look a little different this time around and that may mean more indulgence.

Here are my best beat the sugar hangover tips: 

Drink water throughout the day. I know this is a really obvious one, but it really can help you limit the amount of sugar you take in. More importantly, it will actually help you flush out the sugar overload. I like to hold myself accountable for 2 litres of filtered water per day! If you want to take it an extra step, try adding some lemon into your water. Lemons are really important for our health because they help to protect our liver and gallbladder. They also help to balance the pH in our body. When the pH is off, we often experience cravings for sugar and carbs. 

Reduce the sugar in your baking. If you’re the one baking, try to add a little less sugar in the treats. Personally, I get a headache almost instantly after having a sweet treat, so I always add at least a tablespoon less of sugar into my baking. It won’t change the texture of the baking if you add a little more of a dry ingredient to substitute it (adding a tablespoon more of flour and less of sugar).

Baking - Less Sugar


REST UP! Seriously, I mean it. Sleep is absolutely crucial for our overall health, but especially when it comes to blood sugar balance. When we don’t get enough sleep, our body naturally increases the cortisol spike and craves more sugar and carbs. Aim for at least 6-7 hours of sleep each night. 

Sleep Tip


Try dandelion tea.
Drink something warm and nourishing like dandelion tea from Traditional Medicinals to help support the liver. Bitter foods are so important for our digestive system and blood sugar management! I like to have a dandelion tea after a night of too many sweets or drinks because it really helps to protect my liver.

Dandelion Tea 


Listen to your body. If you have a craving for sweets, have them. The more you resist, the more it will backfire on you. I think its really important to listen to our cravings and honour them because we are all human and sugar isn’t going to kill us! But, be mindful of how much you are consuming because nobody wants to go into the new year with an upset stomach. 

Get some movement in! You will never regret a workout or a long walk in nature, so remind yourself of this the next time you try to push off some movement (myself, included). It’s important for us to keep moving after having sugar in the diet because sugar can easily ferment in the body and cause constipation. This is the last thing we want as we need to make sure to filter that sugar out.

I hope these tips help you this Holiday season! Wishing you a happy and healthy end to 2020!



Written by Jass Stupak, CNP

Jass Stupak is a Holistic Nutritionist from Kelowna, BC. Jass is the owner and founder of Nourish with Jass, her private practice, where she specializes in gut health and candidiasis for women.

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