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How to Get Rid of Rosacea Symptoms

How to Get Rid of Rosacea Symptoms

Rosacea usually occurs in middle aged Caucasian women. Men can also have this condition, but it is less common. It manifests as skin reddening in the cheeks, nose and forehead region. The condition may lead to inflammation, in which case it will also manifest as dilated blood vessels visible on the skin as well as pustules and papules (pimple like skin elevations full of puss and fluid). This condition may also be itchy and can lead to an enlarged, inflamed nose in the worst cases. Obviously, it’s not a desirable condition.


The standard treatments are either oral or topical (i.e. used on surface) antibiotics. The problem is that oral antibiotics eradicate the beneficial probiotics in the intestines. Both treatments usually only bring temporary relief. The condition returns when the treatment is terminated. This is why natural treatments are so important. They have a prolonged effect and can be taken indefinitely due to their beneficial effects not only for this condition but for overall health as well. So how can we to get rid of rosacea symptoms in a natural way?


get rid of rosacea symptoms


Number one on the list are topical anti-inflammatory plant oils. Best examples are argan oil, sea buckthorn oil, and evening primrose oil. With regards to oral anti-inflammatory oils, the best are flax seed oil, hemp oil, olive oil, and fish and krill oils. With regard to the last two, choose the fish and krill oils that have the highest content of the essential fatty acid EPA. This essential oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory compound.


Secondly, use natural products that strengthen blood vessels. This may help prevent the blood vessel dilation that causes the reddened skin flush in rosacea. Excellent examples are resveratrol, fish oils, berry extracts as well as greens and reds (you can find both greens and reds by searching under these names in the search option in the header at the top of this page).


Finally, avoid triggers that can cause flushing and the exacerbation of rosacea. Common triggers are coffee, black tea, spicy foods, alcohol, sun burn, stress and anxiety. With the last two, you can find anti-stress and anti-anxiety natural products at Vitarock.


These are my tips on how to get rid of rosacea symptoms.

Dr. Karol M.D