Orange Naturals Q & A

Orange Naturals Q & A

Orange Naturals Q & A

1. What’s the inspiration behind Orange Naturals?


Orange Naturals was created to service the health needs of Canadian families from a naturopathic approach. The line was designed to make professional quality, naturopathic health products convenient to use and easy to understand. Our team of licensed Canadian naturopathic doctors combined the core components of natural medicine into a line of professional-grade, yet family-friendly and affordable products. The inspiration was to put natural health products into the reach of Canadian families and foster confidence to bring natural medicine home!


2. Why do people need nutritional supplements?


Nutritional supplements are a great way to complete and enhance your daily nutritional intake. Despite our best efforts, many of us struggle to get an adequate and balanced intake of all the important vitamins and minerals our bodies require to be our healthiest selves. The modern-day life is busy and often “on the go” - supplementing your daily habits with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients for optimal health helps to fuel all of that and more. In addition, agricultural practices have changed significantly over the past few decades affecting the quality and nutrient status of many foods. And for those individuals using prescription medications, knowing which vitamins and minerals may be depleted by the drug and supplementing with those, can make a big difference in terms of overall quality of life. 


3. How is Orange Naturals different from other vitamin and supplement brands?


Orange Naturals aims to provide Canadians with a unique line of professional-grade, yet family-friendly and affordable naturopathic products. Our goal is to empower the Canadian family to bring natural medicine home! Our products are all uniquely designed by Canadian Naturopathic Doctors. It is one of the only naturopathic brands in Canada to provide over 150 products for the whole family, including over 30 unique formulas for children ages 0 and up.


4. What do you tell consumers to look for on vitamin bottles?


This is a common question and one we love! One of the very first things consumers should do is turn that bottle around and go straight to the medicinal ingredients and non-medicinal ingredient (NMI) panel. Read these sections carefully as they will indicate exactly what is in your product, including the form and dosage of the included ingredients and the quantity recommended. This can help you evaluate whether the product is right and safe for your health needs. Be sure to review the non-medicinal section as well - this will give you information about additional ingredients and substances in the product. Ideally, the NMI section should be minimal. Keep your eye out for artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, and other additives. 


5. What’s a top favourite Orange Naturals product?/ what fans love the most?


Our fans love the Orange Naturals Magnesium Glycinate! Magnesium is becoming increasingly popular as Canadians are learning about its extensive involvement in over 800 enzymatic reactions in the body, including proper muscle function, metabolism, development, and maintenance of bones and teeth. Our Magnesium Glycinate products are chelate formulas that provide high absorption rates and are easy and gentle on the bowels. Available in powder, liquid, vegetable capsules, and a yummy powder drink version, we have a magnesium option for the whole family!

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