Organic Traditions Q & A

Organic Traditions Q & A

Organic Traditions Q & A

We spoke to Alexandra Mamalider, Director of Business Strategy at Organic Traditions, to learn more about why organic superfoods are an important aspect of your diet and what her fave products are!

1. What’s the inspiration behind your Organic Traditions?
Our company is inspired by the mission to make organic superfoods more accessible to all. 

2. Where do you source the raw ingredients for your products and what is the process for
determining purity and efficacy?
Our ingredients are sourced from all over the world, ranging from countries like India, Peru, Turkey, Italy, The United States, South Africa and many more. To ensure purity and efficacy our suppliers go through a rigorous quality assurance program. In addition, we ensure that the suppliers we work with are committed to the principles of sustainable farming practices. 


3. What are your key values as a brand?
Our key values are quality, transparency, and education. 

4. How do you define wellness and self-care?
Wellness, or self-care, can be defined as all the big or little things one does to promote their optimal health and happiness. Whether that is pouring a cup of tea, taking a walk, making a green smoothie, staying in on the weekend or a morning meditation. It all adds up to contribute to your overall longevity. Of course, we believe that the incorporation of organic superfoods is an easy way to promote self-care, and ultimately a healthy, happy life! 

Organic Traditions

5. What’s your favourite product? 
At the moment, my favourite product is our Holiday Advent Calendar. I love giving it out as a gift so that people who are not familiar with superfoods can get an easy and quick introduction to them, especially at a time of year that is overly indulgent. It makes such a fun gift to give out and it's also a real ice breaker if your gifting it in more of a professional setting as well. 

Tea Advent Calendar

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