Our Best Tips for a Sustainable Summer

Our Best Tips for a Sustainable Summer

Our Best Tips for a Sustainable Summer

Our Best Tips for a Sustainable Summer

What is sustainability? This big word has many definitions depending on who you ask. Here at Vitarock, we are an online marketplace that values sustainable practices to avoid overusing the resources from our Earth. For us, a sustainable lifestyle involves actively protecting Earth’s resources by limiting the amount of energy we use, using eco-friendly options or even using less. Don’t let this bold statement intimidate you though - there are plenty of small changes you can make that produce a huge environmental impact!

How to Take Sustainable Actions this Summer

Shop at Your Local Farmer's Market

Not only is visiting your local farmer’s market a fun activity for the week, but you can also source in-season produce while cutting down on environmental import costs. Conventional grocery stores typically source their products from all over the world, and store their produce for long periods. Instead, why not opt for fresh fruit and vegetables, straight from the farm they were grown? When you support your farmers, you support your local economy. By shopping at farmer’s markets, you may also cut down on plastic usage, as many use cardboard boxes or reusable containers to hold their food. Bring your reusable bags, and make it a zero-waste shopping trip!

Shop local farmers market

Take Your Bike Instead

Here in Canada, it’s a lot harder to bike around during our snowy winters. But come spring and summer, it’s a great time to dust off those bikes and use them as transportation! Depending on where you live, consider replacing swapping out short car trips with a good old bike ride. 


Hang Your Clothes Dry

Save electricity and decrease your electricity bill! All dryers use electricity to power a motor that turns the fan to blow hot air and produce heat. Each dryer cycle uses about 2000 to 6000 watts of energy - that is a lot of energy compared to the other electronics around your house! During the summer, skip the dryer and air dry your clothes outside whenever you can. 

Hang dry clothes

Choose Outdoor Activities

Hanging out in the park, going to the beach, hiking in a new location…these are all activities that lift your mood while bringing sustainability benefits. They don’t require any electricity usage and leave no waste behind. Instead of a day spent at home with all the bright screens and electronics continuously charging, take a break and soak up the sun’s rays outdoors!


Shop Eco-Friendly Brands

To adopt a long-term sustainable lifestyle, choose businesses that have the same sustainability values as you. Start up a conversation with the store employee, and see if they know of the brand’s missions, and whether it involves leaving a positive impact on our planet. If it’s an online store, read their “About Me” or “Brand Mission” page. Here at Vitarock, our efforts in building a sustainable and ethical business are recognized by our B Corp certification. We partner with brands that produce safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly products - we vet each product so you don’t have to!


Making Sustainability Part of Your Lifestyle

With a new season comes a new opportunity to make some positive changes that can impact our Earth. Summer is a great time for relaxation and taking a break, but don’t forget about our lovely earth, our home. Making these sustainable changes creates a positive impact, one step at a time!

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