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Q&A with Sukin: Australia's Number One Natural Skincare Brand

Q&A with Sukin: Australia's Number One Natural Skincare Brand

Sukin: Australia's Number One Natural Skincare Brand

Launched in Melbourne, Australia in 2007, Sukin has grown to become the country’s number one natural skincare brand, offering effective, environmentally sustainable and affordable natural products.

Sukin’s award-winning line is made with ingredients that are naturally derived, cruelty-free and vegan, using beautiful botanicals, antioxidants and essential oils to restore the natural vitality of skin and hair.

The Vitarock team chatted with Sukin about the inspiration behind the brand, product recommendations based on skin type and more!

V: Sukin was first launched in Melbourne, Australia in 2007. What do you think has made Sukin one of the most successful natural skin care brands in Australia?

S: Sukin pioneered the natural category in Australia when we launched with our “No List,” growing the category from niche to 25% share of pharmacy skincare sales in just 10 years.

The success of Sukin comes down to the perfect combination of our 3 key pillars — naturalness, affordability and effectiveness. We pride ourselves on being transparent, affordable, kind to our environment, accessible and a sensory delight.

Sukin has changed the way people view natural products — no longer an expensive compromise, but rather an easy choice to embrace wellness and a better way of living.

V: What was the inspiration behind Sukin?

S: Sukin was launched after identifying a gap in the market for high efficacy, environmentally sustainable and affordable natural skincare. For too long, wanting to buy a natural alternative meant compromising on product performance, and paying a premium for it. Sukin is founded on the belief that everything we need to nourish ourselves can be found in nature, and it’s this knowledge of what to leave out that makes our products so special.

V: From where do you source the raw ingredients for your products?

S: We design and make all Sukin products in Australia. When it comes to sourcing the raw ingredients, we always prefer locally Australian sourced ingredients, but that isn’t always possible, so our approach is to source the globe for best available natural ingredients. We are always looking for the most highly efficacious ingredients that when combined in our formulations delivers results and a superior sensory experience.

Sukin: Australia's Number One Natural Skincare Brand

V: If I was a new Sukin customer with combination skin, what are the top 3 products that you’d recommend trying?

S: For a skin type that is dry in some parts and oily in others (typical ‘combination’ skin) we would recommend:

1. Sukin Signature Foaming Facial Cleanser: a non-drying, gentle gel cleanser to help remove makeup, daily dirt build-up and excess oils.

2. Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Facial Scrub: a nutrient rich blend of Kale, Spirulina and Parsley to brighten the complexion and improve the texture of skin, leaving skin feeling smooth and free of impurities.

3. Sukin Oil Balancing Moisturiser: enriched with Rice Powder, Pomegranate and Quince to promote healthy, balanced skin. Skin is left feeling moisturised, with a matte finish.

V: What is the benefit of adding a serum to one’s daily skin care regimen?

S: Serums can deliver product to the lower layers of the epidermis and dermis as they have a smaller molecular form, so they are more readily absorbed. For this reason, serums are often used to target more specific skincare concerns or conditions. Serums are predominantly more concentrated than other products, meaning a smaller amount is all that is needed to be effective. Be sure to apply your serum before your moisturiser and after cleansing and toning.

V: Is it necessary to switch up your skin care regimen with the seasons or with the change in weather? If so, why?

S: Absolutely! Your skin is your body’s biggest organ, and changes in climate and lifestyle mean your skin needs change over the course of the year (and also due to our hormonal fluctuations, and of course, as we age).

Most people will find that lots of time spent indoors and with artificial heating can cause skin to dry out over the cooler months, so switching to more nourishing, richer products during this time can help replenish skin’s moisture levels. On the flip side, when the weather warms up, it is important to look after your skin following sun exposure, whilst keeping your skin hydrated when spending lots of time in air-conditioned environments.

V: How do you determine which ingredients to incorporate in your products?

S: We keep our finger on the pulse in terms of the latest innovations in ingredients and technology globally, and this is all brought back to our on-site laboratory and testing facility here at our headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, which is the engine room of the Sukin brand. It is here we come up with all of our amazing formulas and find the best natural ingredients to deliver solutions that work, are affordable and kind to our environment.

Sukin with Greening Australia & Reef Aid

V: Can you give us a sneak peek into what’s next for Sukin?

S: Life is never dull here at Sukin! We are about to announce an exciting new environmental partnership with Greening Australia & Reef Aid, and on the product front we have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline utilising some powerful natural active ingredients! Keep an eye out for our latest product range about to hit the Australian market, Sukin Blemish Control, harnessing the power of Eucalyptus & Tea Tree oils, Willowherb, Quince & naturally derived Salicylic Acid to help reduce the appearance of blemishes, whilst keeping your skin nourished and healthy.

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