Read Before Glamping! Tips & Essentials

Read Before Glamping! Tips & Essentials

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Read Before Glamping!
Tips & Essentials

Camping and RV'ing is exploding. According to KOA, “More than 70% of North American campers changed their camping habits in 2020 and RV ownership is up in both the U.S and Canada.” In their 2021 annual report, they found that the proportion of campers who camped for the first-time in 2020 was five times greater than what was observed in 2019—an additional 6 million people.

The pandemic-related closures of business and indoor spaces have drawn out both diehard and newbie campers in extraordinary numbers. March 2021 saw a record 54,291 recreational vehicle deliveries (RV Industry Association). There’s nothing better than a road trip or weekend getaway to a beautiful, natural spot to beat the boredom of virtual work or cope with this unprecendented world of uncertainty we find ourselves in. RVing, tenting, Airbnb’ing a yurt, or renting a cabin are all fun ways to escape the grind.

Camping Tips 101

Glamping (glamorous camping) is the new camping, and below we’ve shared our insider glamping tips to turn your camping adventure into a comfortable and relaxing, resort-like experience. But first, don’t forget these foundational camping basics, otherwise your trip might end up a little too rustic.

  1. Start packing a week in advance and create a list with these sections: clothing & accessories, food, personal care, power sources/charger cables, audio/lighting/entertainment, and “camping stuff” (tent, rain-fly or tarp, bedding and folding chairs.

  2. Plan your menu with 3 meals and 3 snacks for each day. Will you be cooking with propane, over a campfire, or both? Pack utensils, cutlery, condiments, and 2 litres of drinking water per person per day.

  3. Perishables will be keep safely in a cooler with closely monitored ice levels for several days, but try to minimize how often you’re opening the cooler. Keep a separate ice chest for drinks to keep your perishable foods safer.

  4. All food items, recycling and trash should be stored in your car or safely suspended, away from your sleeping quarters, to ensure a peaceful night’s rest without curious critters moving in come nightfall. If you’re tenting, do not eat where you sleep!

  5. Build a campfire like a pro. Ideally, use a safe fire pit that is well-vented to let air in from all sides. First, find small dry items for tinder (newspaper, paperboard, and/or starter cubes). Next, pile up some kindling, such as dry twigs and finely chopped logs. Be aware of the rules of the park or campground, and don’t gather wood if prohibited. Once your fire has started and you hear the medium-sized pieces of wood start to crackle, you can start throwing on bigger logs. Keep wood covered in case of rain.

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Glamping tips to elevate your getaway

With the basics out of the way, it’s time to make this experience true glamping and take it from rustic to “rustique”.

Sacrifice nothing is the glamping call to arms. You and your glamp-mates will feel pampered from head to toe and spoiled from the morning’s coffee to the final evening nightcap or herbal tea with if you incorporate some of these tips and eco-friendly essentials from Vitarock. Make memories that will last forever and post Instagrammable moments that will tempt your cityslicker friends out of their comfort zones for the next trip.

  1. Try keeping everything you pack biodegradable, natural, reusable, recyclable and reef/lake-friendly. 

  2. Protect your skin from sun damage with safer, natural sunscreens and some pure aloe for after-sun. Attitude’s Adult SPF30 sunscreen in Tropical scent and Derma-E’s Sun Defense Mineral Oil-Free Face Sunscreen SPF 30, with Vitamin E and Green Tea, are both very moisturizing, broad spectrum (as important as SPF) and non-nano zinc oxide-based, for your safety. Derma-E’s facial sunscreen absolutely erases fine lines too! Badger Balm’s Fair Trade Certified Aloe Vera Gel, unscented and 96% organic, absorbs well and normalizes inflamed skin on contact.

  3. Pro tip: mosquitos hate Citrobug Mosquito Repellent, a wonderful-smelling light oil that you spray generously into palms and rub all over. It works wonderfully and you’ll smell more glamp than camp with its light citronella and eucalyptus. Citrobug comes in a small and long-lasting pump bottle that you and your friends can pass around.

  4. Travel light with travel or sample-sized products. Grab one of the five Andalou Get Started Kits with mini travel sizes of start-to-finish facial care for a spa-day experience in nature. The CannaCell Botanical version is great for all skin types, smells lightly herbaceous with tangerine notes, and will keep your skin absolutely smooth and glowing with the benefits of hemp stem cells and hemp seed oil. The Urban Spa Travel Kit is a fantastic idea and comes with clear carrying pouch, clear mini jars with spatulas, pump bottles and squeeze bottles, so you don’t have to sacrifice anything from your daily regimen.

  5. Stay fresh. Bring along The Honest Company’s extra thick, non-chlorine processed, plant-based wipes (alcohol and paraben-free). For a refreshing pick-me-up, pack Thayer’s lightly-scented Lavender Facial Mist with witch hazel. It’s a really-nice-to-have treat in high heat or humidity, and feels wonderful post-sun or upon rising after a late night. The witch hazel also offers mild relief for itchy bug bites and minor inflammation. Routine’s wonderful paste-style deodorants stand up to hot, humid days and long hikes. The very lightly-scented “Like a Boss” scent is genderless (like all their products) and comes in a cute, tiny sample size that fits anywhere.

    Prepare whatever food you can in advance, to keep your glamping trip relaxing and to elevate your camp cuisine. We love Preserve’s containers, made from recycled plastic, for their durability and the fact that they STAY SHUT very well. No spills. And they look super cute. Store some Japanese-style hot dog toppings, chopped up veggies & herbs for omelets, cocktail garnishes, or maybe a coconut-lime marinade for roasted chicken or tofu? Keep it healthy and fancy. This is glamping.

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Here’s our list of glamping essentials to check out from Vitarock, your wellness shop. Just keep our 5 basic camping tips and 6 advanced glamping tips in mind, and you’ll do fabulous!

Camping List Favourites

Personal Care
Urban Spa Travel Kit
Urban Spa Sleep Mask (includes ear plugs)
Every Man Jack Travel Body Wash Cedarwood
Thayer’s Company Alcohol-Free Lavender Witch Hazel Facial Mist
Badger Balms Unscented Fair Trade Aloe Vera Gel
Citrobug Insect Repellent 
Andalou Naturals CannaCell® Botanical Get Started Kit
Routine Like a Boss Deodorant - Mini Trial Size (5g)
Attitude SPF 30 Adult Sunscreen - Tropical (very light coconut)
Derma-E Antiox Natural Face Sunscreen Oil-Free with Green Tea

Preserve Food Storage Containers
Level Up Superfoods Level Up Coffee Mix Turmeric Spice

"Camping Stuff"
Purple Frog Power Spray (peppermint room freshener for your tent)
The Honest Company Plant-Based Wipes in Blue Ikat Package 72 count
Natura Solutions Biodegradable Disinfecting Wipes
Dr. Bronners Magic Soap Lavender Hand Sanitizer

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Written by Ian Batt

Ian is a natural health & wellness marketing veteran, with a background in retail, wholesale, regulatory compliance, ecommerce and group fitness. He is a dog dad, entrepreneur, certified yoga teacher and outdoor enthusiast who now calls Toronto home.

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