Reducing Stress in Challenging Times By Adopting These New Habits

Reducing Stress in Challenging Times By Adopting These New Habits

Reducing Stress with New Habits

Reducing Stress in Challenging Times By Adopting These New Habits

It's impossible to go through life without uncertainty and change - and with that, some stress. It's important to remember that not all stress is harmful, it all depends on how we cope with it! We've asked our friends at Weleda to share some healthy habits that will increase our resilience and take us to a higher level of fitness and well-being.

To understand stress better, let’s first look at what stress is, and what stress does to our minds and bodies. We can then explore what we can do to unravel all of this and get ourselves back into balance again.

So, What Is Stress?

It is helpful to think of stress as coming from two different sources: external – such as worrying about job security – and internal – when we are driving ourselves too hard with all kinds of unhelpful learned patterns and beliefs. These can become quite unconscious and habitual, to the point that we cannot even remember why we are driving ourselves so hard.

Stand back and take a look. To what extent are you in the grip of self-stressing tendencies such as perfectionism, approval seeking or competitiveness? Step even further back, and ask yourself where such tendencies came from. There are hosts of messages that we take on when young which can produce relentless internal pressure. As well as the constant messages that we are receiving from advertising and social media about how we should look, feel and live.

The Important of Reducing Stress

When we are stressed, we are asking either body or mind to work harder, achieve more or cope with new challenges or uncertainty. At first, extra demand on us is "good stress", it's a healthy challenge to get us up to peak performance. As long as we stay within this healthy challenge zone and take proper rests for our system to restore itself, we will feel both stimulated and rewarded by the good things we achieve. However, if we keep pushing ourselves harder and harder, and especially if we cannot take proper rest to re-balance, that peak performance will plateau and we start to achieve less.

At this stage we feel worse and worse, starting to experience physical symptoms such as a racing heart, sweating, teeth grinding, digestive pains or diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, tense muscles, menstrual and fertility problems and a tendency to catch every bug that is going around. Mentally we can feel anxious, panicky, scared, distressed, short-tempered and humourless. Our colleagues, partners and children get less and less attention from us as we spiral downwards toward burnout.

In this state of chronic stress, we are full of adrenaline and cortisol and vulnerable to infections, autoimmune and even inflammatory conditions. So, it is vital that we put the brakes on now, take stress seriously and give up the idea that more is better!


Six Healthy Habits to Tackling Stress


Habit #1

Make time to connect with nature. Boost your sense of well-being with a daily walk or bike ride in the great outdoors to catch some daylight or sunshine. Even if it’s cold, moisturize with a layer of rich cream such as Weleda Skin Food, wrap up well and try to get a brisk walk or a few minutes outside doing something active like tidying up the garden. When the sun does come out, expose your hands and face for 15 minutes to top up vitamin D levels.

Habit 1 - Connect with Nature


Habit #2

Ensure that you get at least 45 minutes of aerobic exercise daily, either outside, inside online or at a sports centre. Remember that there are dance classes as well as sporty activities that can make it more fun. Keep some Weleda Arnica Shower Gel on hand for those sore muscles!

Get exercise daily

Habit #3

Improve your sleep. Stop all work and media activity by latest 8pm and begin the process of unwinding with a candlelit bath along with your favourite relaxing music, followed by our Weleda Relaxing and Beauty Oil. The aroma and experience is the perfect combination!


Habit #4

Simplify your life. When stressed, cut down your activity levels considerably. Learn to say no. Expect less, do less and buy less. Do not listen to advertising or aspirational programmes that are designed to make you want more. Don’t compare yourself with others; you are uniquely you.


Habit #5

Give up your tendency to over-give, and learn to receive. Learn to accept help, love, compliments, and to ask for the help you need when tired or anxious. Learn to focus on meeting your own needs first, and empower others to do the same.


Habit #6

Set aside time for yourself in your schedule at the beginning of each month. Plan a couple of free evenings and one free day per week that you hold onto for yourself. Use these times to relax, do your favourite things, and connect with those that you love.


A Healthy Relationship With Stress

These habits can help you cope with as many sources of stress that come up, whether it be outer stressful circumstances or inner self-stressing tendencies. The key is to learn to adapt to what is going on around us, rather than trying to keep things as they were.

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