Solutions to Embarrassing Fitness Problems

Solutions to Embarrassing Fitness Problems

Disclaimer: I’m one of those annoying freakazoids who loves working out. I love sore muscles. I love getting sweat in my eyeballs. I love being yelled at to work harder. There was even a time I liked getting punched in the face. (Defense was never my strongest skill in the boxing ring.) You get the point… I’m obnoxiously, enthusiastically, butt crazy in love with the gym. But, just like romantic relationships, where there are things you totally adore about someone, there are always some flaws too; things you can’t stand and need to change, immediately. As much as I love all things fitness, I recognize that there are certain unpleasant and often mortifyingly embarrassing consequences that come along with being active.


So, instead of running from these issues, or pretending they don’t exist, (that never works…if you can smell it, so can they!) let’s open up the dialogue and talk remedies. Solutions, not problems, people!


Feminine Odor


Let’s face it when we work up a full body sweat, we are left feeling anything but fresh…everywhere! Yes ladies, if you experience some less than ideal odors between your legs, don’t fear, you’re not alone; most women do and it is pretty typical. Even on a non-active day, it’s one of the areas that retains the most moisture and bacteria. So, the minute you start moving and the body temp rises, well so do your chances of harboring a bacterial stink-fest. While we have deodorant for our armpits, we often forget to give some extra love to our lady bits. But there’s an app for that! Just kidding, there’s no app but there are some easy remedies to help!


Often times an odorous undercarriage can be the result of undesirable levels of good and bad bacteria in the body. To help battle this bacterial imbalance doctors often recommend taking a daily probiotic. The supplements can help to restore vaginal health and, hopefully rid your workout routine of that unpleasant stench and the embarrassment that comes with it.


But sometimes we just need to freshen up… FAST! Am I right?? For those moments I carry a pack of feminine wipes in my gym bag. Just remember to wipe front to back, or you may end up in an even more dire situation than before.


Facial Redness

I have a love, hate relationship with a red face, post workout. On one hand, it’s like an exercise intensity thermometer…  At the end of a tough sweat session a red face almost feels like a trophy! On the other hand, just because I’m a lot hardcore doesn’t mean I can’t be a little bit vain too, right!? If I had my choice, I’d go full throttle at the gym and then walk out looking like Beyonce. But while there are simply too many things standing in my way of looking like Queen Bey (which I’ve been crying about since I was a little girl) – there are a few things that can help with my tendency to go 50 shades of red.


On the supplement side of things, vitamins K, B, A and E have been shown to help with reducing flushed faces. As far as the topical game goes, rosacea-specific face washes, creams and serums are shown to help greatly reduce the size of the blood vessels which will aid in reducing redness when the body heats up. You may not look like a member of Destiny’s Child by the end of your routine, but at least you won’t look like Elmo’s child, either.



Another unsightly side effect of intense exercise is chaffing. My personal problematic area (other than between my thighs, obvs) is right on my bra line where  my iPod arm-band rubs, constantly. Such a small yet painful, raw patch of skin, a result of all those hard repetitive motions; made worse, of course by my deliciously salty sweat.


To tackle this infuriating issue, there are a few viable, natural options. Just a few drops of lavender oil has been shown to be incredibly effective in chaff prevention and relief. If creams and balms are your preference there are a number of lavender products that could be more your speed…Try Andalou Natural’s Lavender Shea Body Butter! You can use it locally for your chaffing and then smother yourself in it after you take a relaxing bath post-workout. Perfect. Similarly, applying aloe vera gel or cream will help to improve painful redness and avoid the pestering rubbing.