Sustainable Beauty, Health, and Wellness Tips You Need to Incorporate into Your Life Today

Sustainable Beauty, Health, and Wellness Tips You Need to Incorporate into Your Life Today

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You turn off the lights when you leave the room, you follow the list of blue box acceptable items, you use reusable bags (when you remember to bring them to the grocery store) and you even use a reusable coffee mug. But is that enough to help reduce climate change and reduce the total amount of plastic in the world?


We all need to actively think about reducing our carbon footprint. From the fires in the Amazon to the amount of plastic in the ocean, we need to take accountability for our actions and how it affects the planet. Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking about easy ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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Thrift Stores

Did you know that it takes It is estimated that 20% of industrial water pollution worldwide is associated with garment manufacturing, and 85% of that is associated with the fabric dying process? Thankfully, fashion trends are always coming back with a resurgence and no one will have the same outfit as you! Thrift stores are a fabulous resource for one-of-a-kind finds and a smart way to keep clothes out of landfill. Check out some of our favourite thrift stores! 

Value Village

Salvation Army


Plato’s Closet


Zero Waste 

What does zero waste mean exactly? Zero waste aims to redefine the system, to move to a circular economy and write waste out of existence. The keyword being "aim" as we all in some way produce waste. From incorporating more cooking or more DIY habits into your routine, every little contribution helps. Here are a few easy tips to help get you started. 

  • Bone broth was all the rage this year but why stop there. You can turn your food scraps into delicious meals all while reducing food waste. Use your leftover vegetable scraps (keep them in the freezer until you have enough) for a nutritious broth to get you through the cold season.

  • At some participating Bulk Barns, you can bring your containers to fill up on your favourite snacks instead of using a plastic bag.



Reduce Your Use of Plastic

This is a big one! Think about how you got ready this morning, everything from your toothpaste lid to deodorant, to the granola bar you ate for breakfast. Plastic is everywhere and it’s almost unavoidable but there are lots of proactive ways to stop using the stuff.


  • Stop using plastic straws. Heck, don’t use plastic cups period. Try and remember to use your reusable coffee mug or water bottle to stay hydrated.


  • Pack your own lunch instead of ordering take out. Use reusable containers and bags. Also opt for local fruits and veggies instead of fast convenient prepackaged food.


  • Purchase milk in returnable glass bottles. Many local organic grocery stores provide milk in a returnable glass bottle which cuts down on plastic-coated cardboard.


  • Use natural cleaning cloths rather than plastic scrubbers. Like all things in life, plastic eventually breaks down but it doesn’t decompose. The ocean is filled with plastic breakdown from human consumption.


  • Try shampoo bars from LUSH which comes in a paper bag and no plastic.


  • Switch from using harmful tampons filled with bleach and chemicals to the Diva Cup. Or Lunapad which are washable pads. They have helped provide over 17,000 menstruators in 18 nations with healthy, sustainable menstrual products through their Pads4Girls program.


  • Make your own food! The possibilities are endless, homemade preserves, yogurt (without a yogurt maker), soy or nut milk, condiments, snakes and energy bars, and the list goes on.


  • Bring your own headphones and reusable cutlery when you hop on your next flight.


  • Use the trading app Bunz or throw a trading party (after Christmas is the mecca of unwanted gifts)!

 zero waste ideas

Vote with Your (Hard Earned) Dollars!

In 2015 we were happy to announce that Vitarock became an official B Corp. Since then we’ve maintained our certification, met many of our B Corp peers, and continued to support B Corp brands. By making conscious shopping choices from over 2,600 purpose-driven companies worldwide who are committed to various social and environmental causes, you’re contributing to value-driven organizations.


Certified B Corp companies must prove that they are using “business as a force for good.” To be approved, companies must meet “rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”


B Corp Brands We Love

If you haven’t already noticed, we are so proud to be a part of the B Corp community. Vitarock was first certified as a B Corporation in July 2015 and recertified in 2017. Becoming a B Corp has become a badge of honor for us. We’re proud to be the go-to shopping destination for socially-conscious shoppers who want to achieve personal wellness and joy without harming the planet or contributing to unfair employment and trade practices.

We carry hundreds of amazing brands with products that adhere to our four pillars: Pure, Green, Safe and Fair. Here are just some of the best B Corp brands we carry on Vitarock. 

B Corp Brands  

Desert Essence

A natural beauty and personal care company since 1978, Desert Essence prides itself on sourcing and harvesting “the most powerful ingredients on the planet in a sustainable and ecologically-responsible manner.” There are no artificial pesticides, herbicides or fungicides used in any of their natural and organic ingredients, and no animal testing is performed on their raw materials or finished products.



Badger is a family business turned small giant, making certified organic and truly natural skin care products since 1995. A leader in the B Corp community, Badger has been honored (once again) in B Corp’s annual “Best in the World” and “Best for the Environment.” On top of creating some of the best formulas for their product lines (we’re obsessed with Badger’s Tea Tree and Lemon Cocoa Lip Balm!), this B Corp only uses ingredients that fit their rigorous natural standards for healthy agriculture, minimal processing, sustainable supply chain, and health-giving properties.


All Good

Ocean lovers can attest — All Good makes some of the best reef-friendly sunscreens out there on the market. As a “nature-based healing company,” All Good has been committed to promoting reef-friendly initiatives as well. Ongoing efforts on their part are being made to educate the public about toxic chemicals in sunscreen and personal care products, like oxybenzone, which damages the health of coral reefs. You can read more about their Reef Friendly Criteria here.


Dr. Bronner’s

What can we say about Dr. Bronner’s products other than the fact that it’s one of the best natural brands out there (at least in our opinion). You can basically use Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap for everything! On top of the versatility and variety of their products, Dr. Bronner’s has been the pioneer for “Constructive Capitalism” — the idea of sharing profits with workers and the earth from which you made it. A B Corp and a Benefit Corporation with the State of California, the brand continues its founder’s legacy of dedicated social activism as well as other progressive initiatives to not only incorporate sustainable practices but actually help reverse the damage done to the planet through regenerative organic agriculture.



A women-owned social mission-driven business, Lunapads helps people have more body-positive experiences while supporting charitable cloth pad initiatives worldwide. Lunapads has helped provide over 17,000 menstruators in 18 nations with healthy, sustainable menstrual products through their Pads4Girls program. Together with the Uganda-based social enterprise AFRIpads, Lunapads also created the One4Her program, which helps provide funding for washable pads to those in need.

Diva Cup

Diva Cup is committed to offering women a sustainable, easy-to-use, cost-effective and eco-friendly feminine hygiene product to conventional options. Their innovative products of The DivaCup and DivaWash are empowering women while also changing the face of feminine hygiene around the world.

Do you have anything to add to this list? We'd love to hear your favourite zero waste tips!

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