Update your spring cleaning - save time and money

Update your spring cleaning - save time and money

Spring Cleaning

As spring is upon us and we Canadians are finally able to open our windows, it’s time to think about spring cleaning! With the new season here, you perhaps suddenly start thinking about how many things around the house you have to clean, how much time it will take you, new cleaning products you need…it can become overwhelming, quickly! Most people agree that it’s usually time and money holding them back from being at ease with their spring cleaning tasks, so we’ll take it into our hands to offer you an easy solution that saves you time and money.

The importance of a non-toxic cleaner

At Vitarock, one of our missions is to choose products that are safe and pure. This means that we say no to harsh, synthetic chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, triclosan, parabens, phthalates and fragrance. Most conventional cleaning products use these as their main ingredients, even though they have been proven to negatively impact the endocrine system (that’s our hormones!) and gut health. That’s why we vet every single one of our products to be free from toxic and unsafe ingredients!

Vitarock Safe & Pure

How to start spring cleaning while saving time and money

Keep old toothbrushes for scrubbing hard to reach places

Instead of using a new sponge or wipe every time, why not save up what you already have? Old toothbrushes are the perfect tool to effectively clean grout, sinks, stains, and any small area that is hard to reach with your whole hand. You can even use these old toothbrushes to clean things that you would normally throw away, like glass jar containers with their sticky labels that you tried your hardest to remove, but it just won’t go. That’s where some dish soap, baking soda and a good old toothbrush can come in. Keep a basket under your skin and start collecting old toothbrushes - you’ll be amazed at how useful they will be.

Use a multi-purpose cleaner

While it’s fun to pick out a new cleaner for each cleaning task (or is that only us?), you really only need one cleaner to do it all. Instead of buying a shower cleaner, a toilet cleaner, a glass cleaner, a mirror cleaner, a kitchen cleaner…save your money and time by buying one all-purpose cleaner instead. Trust us, it gets the job done, and you might just be able to buy some delicious snacks with that extra money…or you could stick to the goal of spring cleaning while saving money. Either way, both are wins in our book!

Need only one cleaner

Buy cleaning solutions in bulk

Cleaning solutions are one of the best items to buy in bulk because they are easy to refill, they don’t expire and lastly, you never want to be in a situation where you have run out of your favourite all-purpose cleaner! Once you’ve found your favourite go-to cleaner, keep the bottle and get yourself a refill station in your home that you can easily refill. When you buy in bulk, you simply can’t beat the price and the time you save by not having to go to the store as often.

Our favourite bulk all-purpose cleaners:

Attitude All-Purpose Cleaner 4L

The Unscented Company All-Purpose Cleaner Refill 10L

Dr Bronner's Sal Suds All Purpose Cleaner


Ready for spring cleaning

Now that you have these tips to save money and time for your cleaning, it’s time to get those gloves on and get started!

Get safe, effective natural products that have been stringently evaluated by experts at Vitarock. Founded by a fellow mom, Alicja is one of Canada’s most respected experts in natural product quality and safety. Every product at Vitarock has been proven safe, pure, green and fair. Come shop with confidence.

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