VITAROCK RECOMMENDS: Our Expert Tips for a Strong Immune System

VITAROCK RECOMMENDS: Our Expert Tips for a Strong Immune System

Vitarock Recommends - Immune System

Looking for ways to protect yourself and your family from infection?

There are many things we cannot control when it comes to being exposed to viruses, but the good news is there is a lot you can do to keep your immune system strong! At Vitarock, we pride ourselves in being the experts when in comes to the very best natural supplements. Read on to get our top choices for keeping infection at bay.

Let's talk prevention

You’re being careful about washing your hands and keeping sanitizer handy, but did you know that there are supplements that will help prime your immune system, to be ready to react if you come in contact with a opportunistic virus? Being proactive about your health can make a big difference in the amount of sick days you need to take, and if you do get sick, you’ll be more likely to bounce back faster. You probably have some Vitamin C in your medicine cabinet, but how about these essentials:

Genestra - Probiotics


Your first line of defense when it comes to those unwanted germs. Friendly bacteria acts as a barrier between your body and any pathogens you might come into contact with. An absolute essential for children.

CanPrev - D3 K2

Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin! In short supply in the winter months, vitamin D is critical for proper immune function, and we just don’t get enough.

St Francis - Deep Immune


Known as being an ‘immune tonic’, astragalus brings balance back to a stressed immune system. Great for those prone to getting sick, and will help you recover better post-infection.

Chelazome - Zinc


When taken daily, zinc is known to prevent cold & flu.

What if it's 'too late'?!

You had the best intentions, but maybe you missed the boat on the prevention front. Don’t worry! In many cases traditional antibiotics may not be indicated for treating a virus – fortunately, mother nature provides! There are many excellent plants, superpowered with antimicrobial and antiviral properties:

SURO - Elderberry


Studies have shown this amazing herb to significantly reduce the duration of influenza.

St. Francis - Echinacea


A well known traditional herbal remedy, echinacea is known to be an effective immune adaptogen and infection fighter. We love it in combination with the antimicrobial herb goldenseal for a double whammy effect.

Platinum Naturals - Oregano-8

Oregano & Thyme

Nature’s natural antibiotic! Best used at the onset, oregano and thyme can stop that throat tickle before it takes hold.

Landart - Mushroom

Medicinal Mushrooms

A powerful immune balancer, mushroom strengthen immune response without over stimulating the immune system.

Keep clean, but 'Go Green'

Washing carefully with natural soap and water is the best place to start when it comes to stopping the spread of pathogens, but if you find yourself in need of disinfecting cleansers, consider switching to a product with essential oils. There are many essential oils with antiseptic properties: thyme, oregano, rosemary, eucalyptus, and tea tree to name a few. Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent antiseptic active for surface cleaning as well.

Divine Essence - Thyme Essential Oxygen - Hydrogen Peroxide Dr Bronners - Tea Tree Soap

Boost your immune system strength - be strong with Vitarock! You only want the best for your family! Get safe, effective natural products that have been stringently evaluated by experts at Vitarock. Founded by a fellow mom, Alicja is one of Canada’s most respected experts in natural product quality and safety. Every product at Vitarock has been proven safe, pure, green and fair. Come shop with confidence.

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