What it Means to be MADE SAFE

What it Means to be MADE SAFE

MADE SAFE (Made with Safe Ingredients) is America’s first human health certification for all consumer products, from baby and household items to personal care and cleaners. When you see that a product is MADE SAFE, it means that it was literally made with ingredients that are not known or suspected to harm our health. The goal with this certification process is to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals altogether so that consumers can find truly safe goods that are harmless to people, animals and ecosystems.


MADE SAFE screens ingredients for known:

  • Behavioural toxins

  • Carcinogens

  • Developmental toxins

  • Endocrine disruptors

  • Fire retardants

  • GMOs

  • Heavy Metals

  • Neurotoxins

  • High risk pesticides

  • Reproductive toxins

  • Toxic solvents

  • Harmful VOCs


MADE SAFE Certification Process

The MADE SAFE Certification process is rigorous and unique. So rigorous, that it is rare for a brand to have all of their products meet standards on their first attempt, and could even take years to achieve. When a product achieves its MADE SAFE Certification, it allows consumers to know for certain that it’s acceptable for use on their babies, bodies, and in their homes, without any potentially harmful toxins. We have supplied an infographic below to explain how the certification process works:

how the Made Safe certification process works



Why is a MADE SAFE seal needed? If you’re not sold yet, here is a breakdown of some of the things you can find in some common household items:


Personal Care Products: You’re using soap or body wash regularly (we hope). So, making the switch to MADE SAFE options only makes sense. Otherwise, you’ll be exposing yourself to potentially harmful chemicals on a regular basis. For example: Parabens, which is a carcinogen that can be found in your body wash, can be toxic not only for people, but also for our environment. You are also taking the risk of exposing yourself to phthalates (found in fragrances), which can cause hormone disruption, cancer and allergies.


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Feminine Care Products: Did you think your tampon is just made of cotton? Sorry, take a look at the label on the box and try again. Tampons, or as local Nutritionist, Meghan Telpner, calls them: Dioxin Glyphosate Vagina Cocktails, are made up of synthetic material, fragrance chemicals, dioxins and pesticide residues that are linked to cancer, hormone disruption and other long term health problems. Same goes for your pads. If that’s not scary enough, think about the fact that these products are in contact with some of the most sensitive and absorptive areas of your body. Now that’s scary.


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To find out more information about what it means to be MADE SAFE, visit www.madesafe.org