Why Clean Energy Is Important

Why Clean Energy Is Important

Our nutrition plays an important role in our energy; not only does it provides us with the physical components that our body burns for fuel, but also with the building blocks that we need for everything from hormone production, to growth and repair, to properly eliminating toxins from our body. Unfortunately in today’s world, changes in agriculture, soil erosion, and the overuse of pesticides and fertilizers have rendered our food less nutritious than it once was, meaning that even the healthiest of us might be at risk for developing nutrient gaps; a problem that can be further exacerbated in our modern lifestyle that is often highly stressful, and exposed to a constant onslaught of pollution,environmental chemicals, and radiation from our love affair with technology.


When Sam Graci developed greens+, it was this knowledge on the changing world of health and nutrition that he kept in mind. Simply put, we need clean nutrition. If we want to be strong and resilient, and have the energy to do the things we want to do after we do the things we have to do, we need to ensure we need to have a concentrated dose of nutrition that can bolster our own diet and help us live our healthiest life possible.


greens+ EXTRA ENERGY is a truly unique energy product, as its carefully selected ingredients don’t just provide a kick of energy, but rather nourish the body with whole foods, support our stressful modern life through the power of adapotgenic herbs, and provide key nutrients that are often depleted both from our diet and during times of stress. It is this triple pronged approach to nourishment that provides a clean energy that is unlike anything provided on the market.


 Each and every scoop of greens+ EXTRA ENERGY starts with a full serving of the award winning greens+; a base of colourful whole food ingredients that are extremely alkalizing to the body, which has been shown to promote energy and vitality in its own right. This base also provides a wide spectrum of phytonutrients, including both water and fat-soluble antioxidants, which help to prevent free radical damage as well as combat inflammation. From there, an energizing blend of superfoods, including a natural dose of caffeine from kola nut, are added. This blend is more than just an energizing kick, but nourishes the body with adaptogenic herbs like rhodiola, astragalus and suma root that have been shown to help the body cope with stress, while also providing key nutrients like vitamin C (needed for healthy adrenal function), and vitamin B-6 and chromium which contribute to healthy glucose metabolism. Together these ingredients provide a clean energy source that targets the underlying root of low energy, versus just masking it with caffeine alone.


With respect to other “energy drinks” on the market, greens+ EXTRA ENERGY is 100% sugar free, further enhancing its ability to be a long-lasting source of both nutrition and energy. While sugar can provide a quick hit of energy, it spikes both our blood sugar and insulin levels, causing dramatic swings in blood sugar putting our body in a state of inflammation. The metabolism of sugar also depletes our body of key nutrients, like B-vitamins, creating nutrient gaps that impact both energy and health in the long run.


Clean energy starts with clean nutrition. It is something that Sam had a great appreciation for and worked tirelessly to achieve through his revolutionary formulas. Clean energy is more than just providing the body with a quick fix, but rather fueling it with the power of nutrient-dense ingredients that supports its vitality, today, and many days to come.