Why Everyone Should Use Genestra Brands Probiotic Supplements

Why Everyone Should Use Genestra Brands Probiotic Supplements

Finding the right probiotic supplement can be overwhelming. Your friends might recommend their favourite brand, while your naturopath recommends another, and you end up trying multiple brands without understanding which one you should choose. That’s why we felt it was time to introduce you to one of our favourite probiotic supplement brands, GENESTRA BRANDS, and explain why we love it so much.


GENESTRA BRANDS is a subsidiary of the Seroyal Company, who has over 27 years of proven safety and reliability, and offers a wide range of supplements to support condition-specific ailments. Their Human MicroFlora (HMF) Probiotics are formulated with the purest natural ingredients, using the highest standards in manufacturing, quality assurance, purity and potency. What’s particularly interesting and useful about this line of probiotics is that they’re one of the first brands to safely incorporate probiotics with other ingredients to aid in the healing and prevention of many common conditions and illnesses (ex. combining probiotics with cranberry extract to effectively combat UTIs). The unique range of GENESTRA BRANDS HMF Probiotics include support for:


Another reason why we love GENESTRA BRANDS HMF Probiotics is because they steer clear of allergens, including skim milk and soy, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of their supplements. They also include options that are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan, which are clearly labelled on their supplements so that you can pick the probiotic that is best suited for you.


If you’re thinking ‘I get probiotics in my yogurt, so I’m good,’ think again. The probiotics gained from food is often not enough to provide the right amount of beneficial bacteria, and the most effective way to gain the highest amount is through direct supplementation. If you’re considering adding a probiotic supplement to your regimen, here’s what GENESTRA BRANDS HMF Probiotics can do for you:


1. Provide friendly bacteria to maintain a healthy intestinal tract


2. Support healthy gastrointestinal system and bowel regularity


3. Boost immune system and help combat illness


4. Restore normal intestinal microbiota following antibiotic therapy


5. Prevent recurrent UTIs


6. Promote healing post-exercise


At Vitarock, we believe that probiotics should be a daily routine in support of optimal health, and GENESTRA BRANDS is a safe, effective and affordable place to start for the whole family!