Winter Trends: Beauty Essentials

Winter Trends: Beauty Essentials

Winter beauty usually entails a smoke-y eye and deep oxblood lip, especially as we approach the holidays. This season, however, the aesthetic has taken a different direction. Minimalist looks with a fresh, yet slightly 90's appeal is the trend of the moment. The essentials here are well-defined and full brows, glowing skin, and a deeply-hued red-ish brown lip. So behold our official guide to the winter trends: beauty essentials. 

Fresh Skin

Winter is the perfect time to embrace a dewy, fresh glow. Mostly because the harsh weather gives us a need to douse ourselves in moisturizer (resulting in a dewy-glow), but also because snowfall and blue-toned natural light is the perfect backdrop for glowing skin. Try using a BB cream instead of a heavier foundtation. zorah Beauty Balm is a moisturizer-foundation hybrid packed with organic fair traide argan oil for hydration and protection from the elements. Skin is left moisutrized and luminous, while redness and imperfections are minimized. 

Full Eyebrowns

If you're unfamiliar with Cara Delevingne , all you really need to know in regards to this article is we can thank her for brining eyebrows back. Lightly fill in sparse areas of your eyebrowns with a pencil to create a fuller, yet natural look. No need to completely draw them in as a light dusting of colour is all you need! if you have especially light brows, try using a medium shade of brown eyeshadow instead (like the darkest shade in this palette).

Bambi Lashes

This otherwise minmal make-up look is defined by the fullest of lashes. Channel your inner bambi with a few extra coats than usual. Choose a deep black and apply 3-4 coats on both your top and bottom lashes. Insider tip: If you get residual mascara on your eyelids, wait for it to dry completely and then wipe off (gently!) with a q-tip. It's the only way avoid a smudgey disaster! 

90's Lips

Seeing 90's and lips in the same sentence may have you seeing unwanted visions of overly-lined lips with a contrasting lipstick. Such is not the case these days. The 90's trend is loosely referenced in the red-brown lipsticks that are taking over the beauty world right now. Paired with an otherwise bare face, the look is current and impossibly chic. Avoid heavy eye make-up with this look as it will immediately throw the whole thing back to the mid 90's. 

Will you be trying the winter trends? What are your beauty essetials routine? Let us know!