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Vitarock Charity & Philanthropy

At Vitarock, we understand that the world’s abundance and resources aren’t distributed evenly or fairly. We want to do our best to change that. That’s why a percentage of every sale made here is donated to a charity. That charity is Vitamin Angels.

2018: Vitarock's Year of Giving

2018 will be Vitarock's year of giving, so we have doubled our charitable contributions to 2% of sales. That means you can directly support Vitamin Angels with each and every order at Vitarock. Additionally, every supplier to Vitarock is screened through our review process to ensure that no child or indentured labor was used in the manufacturing process. We take care to ensure that all trade with disadvantage populations is fair, and we love promoting those brands that take an active role in their communities through safe water, women's rights, education, and more.

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Vitamin Angels has been saving and improving lives of at-risk young children and new mothers around the world since its inception in 1994. Vitarock is pleased to become a sponsor of Vitamin Angels' mission to address the #1 cause of preventable death among children: malnutrition.


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