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Vitarock Charity & Philanthropy

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Philanthropy. At Vitarock, we understand that the world’s abundance and resources aren’t distributed evenly or fairly. We want to do our best to change that. That’s why a percentage of every sale made here is donated to a charity. That charity is Elephant Thoughts.

Elephant Thoughts helps to facilitate accessibility to proper education for children all around the world and particularly in more than one quarter of First Nations and Inuit communities across Canada as well as in India, Nepal, Tanzania, and Nicaragua. The organization also helps to bridge cultural exchange and understanding between Western societies and Indigenous communities around the world.

Cultural diversity and environmental stewardship are celebrated and encouraged in the curricula, and the personal development of students is prioritized. The strength of the program lies in its customized approach to delivering diverse programs such as:

  • graduate support;
  • mentoring programs;
  • workshops in Science, Math, English, History, and Native Language;
  • community greening and biodiversity initiatives;
  • summer camps;
  • professional development for teachers;
  • health and nutrition education; and
  • science fairs.

All are part of the unique and well-rounded approach to education that Elephant Thoughts fosters.

The founders explain:

"Our mandate is to ensure every child receives not only an education, but the highest level of education possible despite their personal circumstances. We will always pursue that mission."

100% of all donations are put toward the charity’s programs and therefore your contributions reach their intended recipients. Dollars for administrative costs, overhead, and personnel salaries are sourced from on-going self-generating ventures such as their Explore Store, on line teacher catalogue, on line in-school and other fundraising initiatives, and overseas intern programs for teachers and students.

Elephant Thoughts was founded in 2002 by a group of professional educators made up of teachers and principals. It’s a registered Canadian charity with fully disclosed annual revenue. You can learn more about the incredible work they do at or sign up for their newsletter at