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Improving Cognitive Health

Date: Jun 01, 2015 · Posted in: Natural Products, Mental Health, Stress Relief
Improving Cognitive Health

The brain is a very important organ. Together with the nervous system it is responsible for maintaining the body’s physiological processes. So why wouldn’t you want to keep yours healthy and active? Brain-healthy ingredients such as acetylcarnitine, phosphatidylserine (a soy-derived ingredient) and fish oil can be used to support an overall cognitive health.  

Scientific evidence also supports more specific actions for cognitive health ingredients, such as Gingko biloba which has been shown to be beneficial to enhance memory in adults. Rhodiola root has also demonstrated positive effects in clinical trials and has been approved by Health Canada to help support cognitive function, specifically for mental focus and mental stamina. Health Canada has also approved proprietary blends for several unique cognitive purposes, such as Life Choice Neurotransmitter Support with L-Carnitine which contains ingredients involved in the production of neurotransmitters or Homeocan Mental Alertness Pellets, a homeopathic remedy to help with mental fatigue, forgetfulness and concentration.  

Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine

While clinical evidence certainly confirms that natural ingredients have beneficial effects on cognition, herbalists have been using these ingredients for centuries. Ingredients such as Bacopa herb and Ashwaghanda root have been traditionally used for memory enhancement in Ayurvedic herbal medicine, a healing system which originated centuries ago in India.

Overall, both the traditional and scientific evidence confirm that herbal remedies play a role in cognitive health. Now that you are up-to-date with the benefits, it is time for cognitive health products play a role in your daily routine! Vitarock offers a variety of products to support mental/cognitive health.