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Detox With Cabbage

Dr. Karol M.D Article by: Dr. Karol M.D
Detox With Cabbage

Detox With Cabbage

It’s not a joke. Perhaps one of the most overlooked and ignored vegetables is cabbage. We only use it as sauerkraut, maybe a couple of time a year, or perhaps in some Eastern European dishes like cabbage rolls, again probably not too often.  But the truth is that this vegetable and especially its raw juice is one of the most potent detoxifying and cancer inhibiting cocktails found in nature.


We are nearing the end of March (thank God that spring is around the corner and you can feel it in the air) and thus the end of the detox/cleanse month theme. Therefore I could not resist including cabbage in my last blog of this theme.


First of all cabbage juice is packed with nutrients. It has a very high level of manganese, vitamin B6, folate, thiamin, vitamin A, potassium, tryptophan, magnesium, riboflavin, and calcium.


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Cabbage also contains compounds called glucosinolates. These compounds contain sulfur and are converted into active compounds isothiocyanates and indoles. Both stimulate the production of detoxifying enzymes that remove toxins and carcinogens (i.e. compounds that may cause cancer).  Other anti-cancer compounds are sulphoraphane and indole-3-carbinol. The latter compound contributes to DNA repair. Such repair is vital as it prevents the formation of mutations. Such mutations are the start of cancer formation. Essentially such cancer forming mutations cause the cells of our body to lose the capability of dividing in a controlled manner. When this capability is lost the cells replicate out of control thus forming a cancer and destroying healthy neighbouring tissue. Purple cabbage also contains compounds called anthocyanins. These compounds also have been shown to have strong anti-carcinogenic effects.


Weight Management and Detox


Furthermore some research has shown that cabbage juice prevents or rather slows the conversion of sugars to fats. This is why cabbage is very popular (among people who are aware of this quality) as a weigh reducing natural remedy.


Juicing is the best way to get all the goodies out of cabbage. The undiluted juice may be very strong so I recommend diluting it with other vegetable juices at the same time. The best ones are celery, kale, parsley, and carrot juices. These will add additional detoxifying and health benefiting compounds. 


Red cabbage is better in terms of detox and health benefits than green cabbage. Both are amazing but the red cabbage contains more anthrocyanins and more vitamin C.


Finally what is great about cabbage is that it is cheep and yet gives a health punch like almost no other.


Thank you all for checking out Vitarock blogs this month. I hope you enjoyed them all and that they were useful to you in making you feel healthy and to live a healthier and a happier life. I wish all my readers, as well as visitors and customers of Vitarock all the best and I invite you to read next month’s blog themes on the topics of cancer and irritable bowel syndrome. Stay healthy my friends and see you next time.


Dr. Karol M.D