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Detoxifying Body & Home

Dr. Karol M.D Article by: Dr. Karol M.D
Date: Mar 26, 2015 · Posted in: Natural Products, Detox, Environment
Detoxifying Body & Home

It’s time to spring clean your home—and your body—with detox supplements and natural household cleaning products that are both safe for our bodies and the environment.


Pollution Avoidance


Detoxifying our body is very important because of the constant barrage of pollutants in our environment. They come from various sources: air, water, soil, food, alcohol—and most of all—smoking. Cigarette smoke has over 2000 cancer-causing toxins. Our bodies also form toxins as a byproduct of our metabolism. We are designed to eliminate these substances very efficiently. But our detoxifying capability can be easily overwhelmed and “foreign” substances can get deposited in our body. This leads to many medical conditions when they reach a critical level.


Not only can these toxins lead to illnesses, but they also may make us feel poorly on a daily basis with low energy, sleep issues and an accelerated aging process. We need to detoxify frequently so that we feel great and live long, productive and happy lives.


There are many ways that we can achieve this:


  • Stay away from any obvious sources of toxins.
  • When working in an environment where there are unfriendly toxins, make sure to use precautions like proper filtering masks and goggles.
  • Use an air filtration system in the home.
  • When using air fresheners, choose environmentally friendly products that contain natural oils rather than synthetic compounds.
  • Use household cleaners and laundry products that are made from natural sources without harmful chemicals.


Body Detox


Liver support. The liver is the primary organ that helps neutralize and eliminate toxins. It also produces bile for toxin elimination and proper fat digestion.


A healthy digestive tract. This can be achieved via probiotics, fibre, antioxidants and demulcents. These line the inner lining of the intestines and the stomach with a smooth, protective, mucous-like substance. They include slippery elm bark, corn silk, mullein leaf, and marshmallow root, all of which are found in CleanseSmart from Renew Life. They help prevent constipation and decrease any irritation due to the passage of hardened food particles. This is important, as constipation or delayed passage of digested food leads to more toxins being absorbed into the blood stream.


With respect to liver support and antioxidative properties, here are the most well ingredients:


  • Milk Thistle. A liver protective anti-inflammatory plant used in European hospitals for liver insufficiency and liver failure.


  • Artichoke leaf extract. A liver protector that also aids liver function and facilitates bile production and secretion, which prevent bile stagnation that can lead to liver dysfunction.


  • Dandelion root. Facilitates bile production and secretion.


  • Curcumin. A powerful anti-inflammatory compound from Turmeric that is also excellent for controlling blood glucose levels—so it’s good for pre-diabetics, diabetics and also to prevent Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), a serious condition of the liver brought about by toxins, bad diet and chronically (i.e. long term) elevated blood sugar levels.


  • Taurine. An amino acid that is used to produce bile. It is also effective for NAFLD.


  • L-methionine. A very important methylating agent in our body that detoxifies the liver.


  • N-acetyl-cysteine. A powerful anti-inflammatory agent that is the standard treatment in hospitals for liver toxicity due to acetaminophen overdose. Protects the liver from other toxins as well.


  • Alpha-lipoic-acid. Possesses liver protective qualities.


  • Green tea leaf. A powerful antioxidant that protects the liver, possesses anti-aging qualities, contributes to blood glucose control and helps in weight management. It may also protect from cancer development.


  • Selenium. A powerful antioxidant that protects the liver. It is part of the glutathione peroxidase enzyme complex which is the main enzyme used by the liver to neutralize free radicals (i.e. reactive oxygen species) produced by toxins.


  • Eclipta alba. Anti-diabetic and liver protectant (it also stimulates hair growth, an extra for some men and women).


  • Tinospora cordifolia. Stimulates immune cells called macrophages, which are the primary cells responsible for ridding the liver of toxic and dead cellular debris. It is also anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory, and it has the ability to protect liver cells from DNA damage (one of the mechanisms of liver damage).


  • Picrorhiza kurroa root. This plant has been shown to have exceptional liver protective properties. It specifically protects from damage caused by alcohol and acetaminophen. Its primary role is to protect from the development of NAFLD. In studies it has been shown to be more liver protective than Silymarin from Milk Thistle, which is used in many hospitals as a standard treatment for liver diseases.


They can also be found in the Renew Life CleanseSmart detox program. These are some of the best detox products on the market.


Eat. Drink. Live.

Some of the foods that are excellent for detoxifying are lemon juice and cayenne pepper, green leafy vegetables, cilantro, parsley and spinach. They all bind toxic heavy metals and help eliminate them from our body.

Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis helps eliminate a lot of toxins. Combining water with slices of lemon and electrolytes provides detoxifying substances, helps protect us from cancer, and hydrates our body in a more efficient way than just water.

Ingesting sufficient fibre and probiotics decreases the chances that toxins from food will get absorbed in the first place. Fibre helps the digestive tract detoxify and supports proper intestinal function. Probiotics help eliminate toxins and prevent bad toxic bacteria from replicating.

Keep in mind that if using alcohol and or tobacco, you should give your body breaks to recuperate and for your system to eliminate these toxins and their metabolites from the body. They are both harmful to our body (cause cancer, cellular damage, chronic inflammatory diseases, liver disease, etc.) and also accelerate the aging process.


Home Detox


Detoxifying your home environment is achieved by choosing natural, environmentally friendly home cleaning products. Many of the conventional cleaning product brands on the market are made with toxic synthetic materials. When we use them, they release fumes that are extremely toxic when inhaled. In the long term, they can cause respiratory problems and many serious medical conditions. Leaving them on our household surfaces also makes them potential contaminants on our skin and in our food. When we eliminate them by flushing them down the drain or throwing leftover product into the garbage, we contaminate the environment. This may not only be harmful to our wildlife and our natural resources, but also contaminates the farms that provide us with food, as well as the lakes that give us fresh water.

Vitarock carries the Nature Clean line of environmentally friendly household cleaning products at its online marketplace. Nature Clean is clean, natural and safe for us as well as for our forests, wildlife, farms, lakes and streams. Let’s keep our homes clean and smelling good while protecting our health and the environment—for our enjoyment as well as for future generations.


Dr. Karol M.D