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DMAE Side Effects: Glowing Skin & More

Megan West, B.A. Article by: Megan West, B.A.
Date: Sep 24, 2015 · Posted in: Skin Health, Beauty
DMAE Side Effects: Glowing Skin & More



There are few things I love more than skincare! Having been exposed to a wide variety of products I can usually spot a top-shelf winner straight away. But I've also come to expect a lot out of today's offerings. With advancements in science and technology comes even more power to perfect everything from cleansers to serums and moisturizers.  I've dealt with super sensitive skin my whole life (breakouts and eczema are a few key players in my life)  making the hunt for high-quality products that won't irritate my skin of the utmost importance. 

From Hollywood to Toronto: Life Choice DMAE Restorative Cream

Something I can't stress enough is that skincare requires dedication. I wish I could say after half a day of an anti-aging or acne-fighting serum all of your skincare woes will be floating off into the 6ix abis, but I won't because it's not true. However, what I can say, is that after a solid two weeks using a particular product you should notice a difference and most certainly after a month. If not, the product of choice probably isn't worthy of its claims (or worth your mula). 

You know what is worth it's claim? Life Choice DMAE Restorative cream. When I first tried it out (one late-June summer day at Vitarock HQ) I tried just a teeny tiny bit on my hand and knew something fantastic was happening inside the 56 gram jar of miracle cream. And not just because it was featured in the 2015 celebrity gifting bags at the Oscars (true story). The product was rich in texture, fresh in it's scent, and truly felt like it was packed with active ingredients capable of delivering a major dose of goodness into my skin. 

The Best Ways to Utilize Active Skincare Ingredients 

When I first started using the cream as my main moisturizer, the effects were so profound (immediate smoothing of my skin texture in a porcelain-like way and the preventing of breakouts being the two most imminent changes) I was all about using it religiously night after night. After two weeks in, all of my friends were demanding to know `"what was happening" with my skin. They subsequently raided my bathroom (they have no shame in stealing my things) to try it out themselves. Even after one use, they were convinced of it`s quality. After one month of continuous use it was evident my skin was reaping some serious benefits. My skin tone was markedly improved, with pink spots diminishing, and breakouts completely at bay. 

The product is highly-active (that`s a good thing, FYI) with glycolic acid, Esther C cream, and alpha lipoic acid (I previously wrote specifically about these ingredients, which you can find here) meaning it's highly concentrated and begins working immediately. Because of this, it should be used only in the evening t (as per the package instructions). When it comes to skincare, too much of a good thing can cause irritation, not benefits. I also suggest keeping the rest of your skincare regimen quite simple. Use gentle cleansers and toners so as to not overwhelm your skin with many active ingredients. In this case, let the DMAE cream be your main player. 

In order to prove my undying love and support for this cream, I've put together a before and after image to exemplify its hard work and efficacy.


You can see here textural imperfections, which were markedly improved after using the cream. 


And there we have it: DMAE Side Effects: more glowing and smoother skin.