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Dr. Karol Recommends Adrenal Gland from Life Choice

Dr. Karol M.D Article by: Dr. Karol M.D
Dr. Karol Recommends Adrenal Gland from Life Choice

As shocking as it may seem, there is no better way to support the adrenal gland than to ingest it in a capsule. The adrenal glandular tissue found in Adrenal Gland from Life Choice is from New Zealand cows raised for beef production. These cows are free-range animals fed only natural grass, and are antibiotic and hormone-free. Normally, once the cow is harvested, the internal glands are thrown away, but Dr. Dahl, founder of Life Choice, recognized the amazing potential of this otherwise wasted by-product.

The adrenal glands are small glands located above our kidneys. They are absolutely necessary for life. They produce three main hormones: cortisol, aldosterone and DHEA (i.e. dehydroepiandrosterone - by the way, I actually know this spelling by heart which is kind of funny). Cortisol is our main stress hormone. It basically tunes and prepares the body to withstand any stress, such as nutritional and emotional stresses due to harsh environmental conditions or due to injury or illness. This hormone is absolutely vital. Too little leads to a serious condition called Addison’s disease and too much leads to a condition called Cushing’s disease.

Aldosterone controls our blood pressure and how much fluid the kidneys reabsorb before the final urine is produced. Too little of this hormone can lead to a life-threatening drop in blood pressure.

DHEA is a steroid sex hormone. It works like testosterone by maintaining lean muscle mass, stimulating pubic hair growth and increasing sex drive. It is a weaker sex hormone than testosterone but it has a more vital role for women who do not produce testosterone.

So why is all this so important? The adrenal gland is very sensitive to stress. Any type of stress can lead to a decrease in the production of these vital hormones. The most frequent stressors are poor diet and toxins (such as tobacco smoke, alcohol and prescription drugs), but emotional stress or work-related stress can also have a negative impact. This is where the term “adrenal exhaustion” comes from. So what happens when this vital gland is exhausted? The body, primarily the brain, cannot handle stress and becomes easily exhausted and overstressed. Blood pressure drops, having a negative impact on all organs because not enough nutrients and oxygen are delivered. Sex drive disappears and muscle begins to shrink. In extreme cases, a person can become zombie-like: wheelchair bound, with the inability to communicate at all.

In today’s hectic world, adrenal support is very important. Without it, we can become easily exhausted by the stress we face. Who wants to feel exhausted and defeated by our challenges? Isn’t it better to break through stress and be victorious? Adrenal Gland from Life Choice can help you achieve this goal. There is no doubt about it.  

Dr. Karol MD