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Dr. Karol Recommends: BioCell Collagen for Joint Pain and Skin

Dr. Karol M.D Article by: Dr. Karol M.D
Date: Nov 18, 2014 · Posted in: Skin Health, Anti-Inflammatory
Dr. Karol Recommends: BioCell Collagen for Joint Pain and Skin

What makes BioCell Collagen so amazing are its main components: the primary makeup of our cartilage, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments.


Cartilage is located at the end of bones. It is a smooth, hard substance that is very resistant to damage but at the same time, easily compressed. For example, it compresses with the pressure applied to knee joints during walking, but it returns to its original size and thickness once the pressure is released. Its smooth surface allows it to glide with very little friction against the cartilage of adjacent bones.


Connective tissue, on the other hand, is a substance that holds our organs, bones (through ligaments), muscles (through tendons) and skin together. Without connective tissue, these structures would be jelly-like blobs of tissue.



Cartilage, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue are primarily made up of type 2 collagen, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate BioCell Collagen is made up of all three of these components. Type 2 Collagen is a strand-like or fibril-like structure made up of proteins that gives tensile strength to the material in which it is contained. Hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate are composed of alternating sugar (i.e., carbohydrate) molecules which are usually attached to protein. They strengthen tissues, but their main role is to bind and hold on to water. This gives cartilage its smooth surface, and skin and organs their plumpness. Without holding water, cartilage would begin grinding against itself, causing progressive damage: Skin would wrinkle and organs would shrivel up; losing their integrity and function. 


So how does BioCell help?  For one, to protect cartilage from damage. Cartilage is under constant pressure from gravity and our body weight. Eventually, it starts deteriorating, leading to osteoarthritis. There are also many chronic diseases of the joints in which cartilage rebuilding is necessary. Some common examples are rheumatoid arthritis, lupus arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and septic arthritis. There are hundreds —if not thousands— of such joint conditions. The primary purpose of this supplement is to protect the cartilage from damage and to help rebuild it once it’s damaged. This also has the effect of reducing joint pain.


Its other major role is to provide the building blocks of connective tissue in the skin and to keep water under the skin’s surface. This helps protect form wrinkle formation, helps eliminate wrinkles once formed and provides overall skin elasticity and plumpness.


Finally, BioCell can help with recovery from injuries such as torn ligaments and tendons (e.g., ACL tear in the knee, tennis elbow), bone fractures (because bones are made up of connective tissue as well as calcium), displaced joints (such as the rotator cuff) and vertebral backbone fractures.


Health Logics BioCell Collagen is not the least expensive product on the market. But the quality of its raw material ingredients is second to none. It’s a high-end product that won Better Nutrition’s Best of Supplement Awards 2014 in the pain and inflammation category. It’s well worth the cost.