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Dr. Karol Recommends LiverDTX by Renew Life, Part 2

Dr. Karol M.D Article by: Dr. Karol M.D
Dr. Karol Recommends LiverDTX by Renew Life, Part 2

This truly is an amazing product! (Click here for my first article on LiverDTX.) There are two primary reasons for this assessment.


The first is the list of well researched ingredients in its Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver detox and liver protection program. The other reason is that many of the ingredients fight the two main causes of liver dysfunction: alcohol ingestion and altered carbohydrate metabolism due to high sugar foods and drinks, unhealthy animal fats, processed foods and fast foods.


Improper liver function and impairment is also directly linked to obesity and being overweight. What happens is that the unhealthy foods mentioned above lead to a pre-diabetic state which alters liver function. When this happens, the liver can not properly metabolize carbohydrates (i.e. sugars) and fats. The consequence is more fat deposits in adipose tissue (the fat under the skin and in our bellies) and in the liver. This state of affairs also causes insulin resistance which just adds fuel to the fire. Eventually, the liver develops what is called Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and the body develops full blown Diabetes type 2. We become obese, insulin resistant and hypertensive. We start losing energy, vitality and our sex drive. The last stage of this story is liver failure and all the consequences of diabetes (i.e. atherosclerosis leading to heart attacks and strokes, kidney failure, loss of eyesight and pain in the legs due to diabetic damage to small arteries and nerves). This is why liver protection, especially in this day and age (with pollutants all around, improper diets and commonly excessive alcohol consumption) is so paramount.


So let’s look at Liver DTX a little more closely. The first phase contains capsules that you take with meals during the day. It contains the following well researched ingredients (Renew Life has a very strong reputation for high quality and high purity ingredients):


Phase 1

Milk Thistle: liver protective anti-inflammatory plant. Used in Europe in hospitals for liver insufficiency and liver failure.


Artichoke leaf extract: liver protective that also aids liver function. It also facilitates bile production and bile secretion which prevents bile stagnation that can lead to liver dysfunction.


Dandelion root: facilitates bile production and secretion.


Curcumin:a powerful anti-inflammatory compound from Turmeric that is also excellent for controlling blood glucose levels (so it’s good for pre-diabetics, diabetics and also to prevent NAFLD due to impaired blood glucose control).


Taurine: an amino acid that is used to produce bile. It is also effective for NAFLD.


L-methionine: a very important methylating agent in our body that detoxifies the liver.


N-acetyl-cysteine: a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that is the standard treatment in hospitals for liver toxicity due to overdose with Tylenol (and it protects the liver from other toxic insults as well).


Alpha-lipoic-acid: possesses liver protective qualities.


Green tea leaf: a powerful antioxidant that protects the liver, possesses anti-aging qualities, contributes to blood glucose control and helps in weight management. It may also protect form cancer development.


Selenium:a powerful antioxidant that protects the liver. It is part of the glutathione peroxidase enzyme complex which is the main enzyme used by the liver to neutralize free radicals (i.e. reactive oxygen species) produced by toxins.

As you can see, the ingredients in the first phase of Liver DTX are mainly powerful liver protective antioxidants that can help protect the liver and also help regenerate the liver once the damage has already occurred.

The second phase contains herbal ingredients that have been used for centuries both in Ayurveda (i.e. traditional Indian medicine) and in traditional Chinese medicine for blood glucose control and for liver protection. The second phase is taken before bed time, since it is at night that most unwanted fat deposition in the liver occurs (which in turn leads to NAFLD).


Phase 2

Boerhania diffusa root: an anti-diabetic herb with anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties.


Eclipta alba: anti-diabetic and liver protectant (it also stimulates hair growth; an extra for some men out there).


Tinospora cordifolia: stimulates immune cells called macrophages which are the primary cells responsible for cleaning the liver from toxic and dead cellular debris. It is also anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and it has the ability to protect liver cells from DNA damage (one of the mechanisms of liver damage).


Picrorhiza kurroa root: this plant has been shown to have exceptional liver protective properties. It specifically protects from damage that can happen due to alcohol and Tylenol. Its primary role is to protect from the development of NAFLD. In studies it has been shown to be more liver protective than Silymarin from Milk Thistle (see stage 1 above), which is used in many hospitals as a standard treatment for liver diseases.


Overall, there are three things that should motivate you to buy this product. Renew Life’s strong reputation for their quality and purity of ingredients, the impressive list of well researched ingredients in Liver DTX for liver protection and regeneration, and the prevalence of Non Alcoholic Liver Disease and Diabetes type 2 (which are intricately linked) in our society.


Dr. Karol M.D