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Dr. Karol Recommends A. Vogel Prostate 1 Sabalasan

Dr. Karol M.D Article by: Dr. Karol M.D
Date: Nov 21, 2014 · Posted in: Reproductive Health, Dr. Karol Recommends
Dr. Karol Recommends A. Vogel Prostate 1 Sabalasan

If you want a high-grade prostate health product at a great price, A. Vogel Prostate 1 Sabalasan is just what you need. It’s got the power of saw palmetto to relieve prostate enlargement and urinary symptoms.


This week at Vitarock, A. Vogel Prostate 1 Sabalasan is 20% off at $23.99, cheaper than the $30 it retails for elsewhere. Because it contains 30 capsules, one bottle of Prostate 1 Sabalasan gives you a whole month’s supply. Less than $25 for a symptom-free month is not a bad deal.


Then there’s the high extract ratio of this product. A.Vogel’s saw palmetto fruit is extracted and concentrated by a factor of 12. That means each capsule is 12 times more concentrated then the actual berries from which saw palmetto is extracted. For more details on the power of saw palmetto, click here.


The best reason to buy this product is A Vogel’s high-quality preparation of Prostate 1 Sabalasan, and all of its products, for that matter.

A. Vogel was first established in Switzerland a century ago by natural product pioneer Alfred Vogel. In keeping with the thorough nature the Swiss are known for, A.  Vogel is meticulous about its natural supplements and herbal medicines. A. Vogel grows its medicines using its own plants and seeds, not from an outside source. The seeds are grown in a completely organic environment under the most optimal conditions, making all A. Vogel products certified organic. Once the plants grow to maturity, they are harvested immediately. This ensures that all the health-benefiting compounds are extracted at the optimal time when the plants are still alive and fresh – not dried out. Any additional ingredients added to the capsules, (e.g., gelatin) are non-toxic and do not contain synthetic stabilizers, toxic preservatives or any other additives that may harm you.

What you get is a high grade, pure, very concentrated extract of medicinal plants grown organically from seed in the most optimal conditions. Makes the price even more attractive when you take all this into account, doesn’t it?

Thank you and see you next time.

Dr. Karol