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Easter Recipe - Raw Blueberry Lemon Mini Cheesecakes (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

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Date: Apr 12, 2017 · Posted in: Gluten Free, House & Home, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Recipe
Easter Recipe - Raw Blueberry Lemon Mini Cheesecakes (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

Just in time for Easter - This is the perfect dessert to bring family together. Raw cheesecakes are a great treat to make for a busy, family filled weekend because they are very quick and easy to make, leaving you lots of time to spend with your loved ones (or to have some serious ‘me-time’). More importantly, these little bites of heaven are creamy, zesty, delicious, and HEALTHY! Blueberries are full of disease-fighting antioxidants, gut-loving fibre and they’re known to improve cognitive function. Lemon, aside from adding some serious flavour and pucker power, is an awesome detoxifier and helps boost your immune system. But that’s not all! Check out some of our nutrition-packed, Vita-rocking ingredients featured in this recipe:


Raw Cashews


This creamy, crunchy plant-based food is packed with clean protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants, providing you with long-lasting energy and health. They also have the ability to improve your heart health, cognitive functioning and digestion. Now you know why cashews are shaped like a smile :)


Raw Coconut Oil

Weight loss, improved energy, better cognitive function… Need we say more? Choosing a raw, unrefined coconut oil will give you a wide range of impressive nutritional benefits. It contains fatty acids called Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) that are used for a quick source of energy, increases calories burned compared to other fats, and can provide therapeutic effects for the brain. Coconut oil also contains lauric acid, which can act as an antibacterial to help fight fungus, parasites and viruses.


Raw Honey


It’s important when shopping for honey to purchase raw, unpasteurized honey - NOT commercial honey. Commercial honey has killed its enzymes, vitamins and minerals from being excessively heated and processed, robbing it of its nutritional value. Raw honey, on the other hand, is not filtered or pasteurized and is free from any additives. It’s also an easily absorbed source of natural energy, a serious antioxidant powerhouse and immune booster, a provider of plenty of vitamins and minerals, and has more live enzymes than almost any food (just to name a few).



How to Make Raw Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake


Raw Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake



Makes approx 16 bite-size or 8 cupcake-size


1 cup raw almonds

1 cup dates

¼ tsp sea salt


Cheesecake Filling


3 cups raw cashews

½ cup raw honey (or maple syrup for vegan option)

½ cup raw coconut oil

2 lemons, juiced and zested

Dash of sea salt

¼ tsp Simply Organic Lemon Flavour (optional)

1 cup blueberries


Optional Toppings

Shredded unsweetened coconut

Lemon zest

Fresh blueberries




  • Add the crust ingredients to a food processor and process until it becomes a fine meal and is sticking together.


  • Distribute the crust evenly between your mini cheesecake molds and press the mixture down firmly (it should not take up more than ⅓ of each mold). We recommend using silicone cupcake molds, or lining a cupcake tray for easy removal of the cheesecakes.


  • Place the cheesecake crusts in the freezer while you continue making your filling.


  • To make the filling, place all ingredients except for the essential oil and blueberries into your food processor. Process the filling until it’s silky smooth (this might take a few minutes - be patient).


  • Scoop out half of the cheesecake filling into a bowl and stir in the additional Simply Organic Lemon Flavour (if using).


  • Add the blueberries to the food processor to make the blueberry filling. Process again until smooth, or blitz to leave some blueberry pieces in your filling.


  • Remove your crust from the freezer and fill the remaining space in the mold halfway with the lemon filling, and then fill the top half with the blueberry filling.


  • Place the cheesecakes back in the freezer until solid (30-60 minutes).


  • Before serving, garnish with shredded coconut, lemon zest and fresh blueberries. If the cheesecakes have been in the freezer for an extended period of time, leave 15-20 minutes to defrost before serving. Store in fridge or freezer.