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Research Alert: Eczema and Food Allergy – there’s a link?

Date: Dec 02, 2014 · Posted in: Immunity, Children's Health, Research Alerts
Research Alert: Eczema and Food Allergy – there’s a link?

It’s almost officially winter, but nonetheless, we have already experienced our fair share of winter weather. With cooler and dryer air, I can already see a difference in my skin. In fact, if you’re a parent, you may have also noticed that your children have experienced dry skin which may also be more prone to itchiness and skin irritations and rashes.

In some cases, you or your child might have atopic eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis) which describes an inflammation of the skin that can present as itchy, red, crusty, dry or scaly skin. What’s interesting is that a new research study has actually found that atopic eczema might increase the risk of food allergies. Let’s take a deeper look at this research.

What did the study show?

As peanut allergies are increasing in the population (a common food allergy nowadays), scientists conducted a study to see if there was an association between peanut protein in household dust and peanut allergy in young children who had experienced more pronounced or excessive atopic eczema. (Note: it’s the protein of peanuts that individuals are allergic to). Researchers found that the levels of peanut protein found in household dust were associated to responses in the peanut skin allergy test in this specific group of children.

In other words, the more peanut protein there was in household dust, the more a child had an allergy response to peanut in the test.

What does this mean?

The researchers indicated that an impaired skin barrier (such as the broken and irritated skin due to eczema) may make adults and children more susceptible to allergies as allergens can get into the body through broken and irritated skin. Therefore, it’s important that adults and their children alike keep their skin extra healthy over the winter months, when the weather is cold, dry and harsh. After all, that is the main function of our skin – a barrier to protect our bodies, so we need to make sure it functions properly by keeping it healthy!

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