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8 Rad Reasons to Shop Online!

Ian Batt Article by: Ian Batt
Date: May 29, 2014 · Posted in: Ethical Consumerism, Lifestyle, Natural Products
8 Rad Reasons to Shop Online!

It's probably no surprise that we here at love online shopping. It's our business. I took an informal survey of our staff of why they like to e-shop, and here's what they said. 

"Save time"

No driving or waiting for transit. Browse more products more quickly, and maybe even watch TV while you're shopping. Do you live far from a big city or town? Home delivery saves plenty of travel time while providing much more selection than the local general store.

"No sore arms from carrying heavy bags around"

Save your workout for the park, gym or yoga studio!

"Avoid stress"

No traffic and parking tickets, or gas expense.

"Housecoats & underwear OK"

You don't even have to get dressed when you're shopping online! 

"Great prices"

Comparing prices is pretty simple. You can feel more comfortable making purchases knowing you are getting fair prices. And we online stores realize all too well the importance of staying competitively priced.


Or under the weather? No problem at all to go bargain-hunting online. (Btw, if you're tired a lot, try this and keep a few immune-boosters around.)


Online stores are always open.


Buy intimate or personal products from the privacy of your home. 

"Cyber Monday" is the term coined for the Monday following "Black Friday" (and American Thanksgiving) and it refers to the online shopping promotions and activity that ensue. Over USD$1 Billion gets spent on a single day on gifts for our loved ones and of course, ourselves. Shopping online has truly changed the retail landscape.

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